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I needed to rent 2 units and they told me I couldn’t so my son rented 1 of the units and I the other. Moved everything out of my unit and closed the account.

Downsized my sons unit and needed to rent a smaller unit I am an emergency contact and authorized user on the account and I make the payment. When it was time to transfer to a smaller unit dawn wouldn’t allow me to move with out my sons permission. However they will take my $. They also would not prorate what we had already paid and it’s the 6 day of the month.

Dawn was very rude and ugly.

No professional ism at all. She made up the rules as she went along

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Customer Care.

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Sorry, it's not a made up rule. Your son signed a legal binding contract.

If the unit is being transferred, he has to come in see the new unit and do new paperwork. As far as the law is concerned, he is the legal owner of the belongings in that space.

See, it's a legal thing not a rule thing. Also, the contract clearly states that it is a month to month lease and pro rating is not offered.

to PeacefulAardvark #1627019

I have to agree. The parent was not wronged in this situation. They need to grow up and learn that just because they did not get their way that they were treated rudely.

to PeacefulAardvark #1627023

Not only that but she is mistaking not getting what she wants as rude. Very immature.

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