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The customer service department of Public Storage will not tell you all of your options when it is time to move out. Nor will the onsite management staff or even corporate.

I talked to all 3. If you move out before the 15th of the month and BEFORE you pay your final months rent - they will supposedly prorate it. Otherwise they will keep your full months rent and turn around to re-rent it to another customer, allowing Public Storage to double dip.

Generally one would expect Public Storage customer service to give you all of your options when you call - but in this case they were purposely misleading.

Poor customer service!

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If your unit is auctioned and you have a refund coming, how long does the Storage Unit company have to give that refund?

Arcadia, California, United States #1208419

This has probably changed by now. I just read my contract and it clearly says "Occupant shall not be entitled to a refund of a pro rata portion of the Rent for the month in which the termination occurs." In other words, you get squat for moving out early.


Yes! We paid for all of May in advance and moved out on the 14th and they kept all our money!

Bad customer service public storage!!

And in sure somewhere there is a law that doesn't allow you to keep my money AND rent it to someone else. I think I need to get to searching....

to Anonymous Lorton, Virginia, United States #1256728

If you find the law please let me know and share with us. Is so unfair and very bad business practice to do that.

Extremely awful customer service.


When I checked in, I was told I could move out at any time and it would be pro-rated. When I vacated on the 13th of a full month that I had paid for in full (due to their billing practices), I was then told that they only prorate if you move out in the first 5 days of the month. I just ate the cost and moved on, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.


ive been waiting over six weeks for my refund i've called the DM and the RM and got the run around so now i have to take them to small claims court :(


I know from experience that it is not always easy to call in. Often the telephone is switched over to corporate system.

You do your best under a very garbage situation and try again.

Of course, Public Storage is perfect. I don't think so!


Just a minute. Sometimes people have to move quickly, or the conditions warrent a quick move.

If the roof leaks, will Public Storage allow a move which can cost both time as money and maney as asset. If we don't know the so called rules, how can we follow them. Also, keep the buildings up and a lot of this will not happen. I also remember something about Public Storage requiring a month to be paid in full or the renter will go through the auction process.

Also, don't constantly raise the rent. Think it over.

If the conditions cahnge to the point where moving is necessary, Public Storage should remain responsible. The renter cannot fix a bad building.


its as simple as calling the manager to clarify what you need to do to vacate, hey or maybe read the lease! How did the manager know you were moving out to prorate the rent?? Come on people read this stuff and think with some common sense.


I never really like PS's customer service department. I always tell my renters to call me directly when they are ready to vacate.

Public Storage will prorate you for days unused on rent provided you didn't pay for the full month.

As per lease, we do not refund. However, the on-site manager should have scheduled you to vacate, explained the vacate procedures, and then have you pay the days you are staying so you could avoid a late fee hitting the account.

to employee #1172364

That is contradictory. You prorate....IF the rent is NOT paid, but if it's NOT paid you auction off the renters belongings?

So in other words PS traps its customers so they can get your money and then rerent to someone else?

I gave my notification the day I moved in.

It was short term and temporary. I followed that up with setting up my move out date on my account online...and they have ALREADY sent me an invoice for July when I'm moving out mid-June!


Now that I know this I will wait until the very last day of the month and hand them my keys with no notice. Fair is fair. My unit will sit with nothing in it for almost an entire month for just the satisfaction of getting what I paid for.

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