When I rented a unit, I asked the manager if animals were allowed in the property. She said: "absolutely not." Well, there is a cat living in a unit and I am severely allergic.

I initially complained to the managers in the office but the answer was like: "Pay up, shut up and live with it." That's their answer to mostly everything. Well, I can't. So, I took the issue to upper management. They say they are investigating....

what about the cameras? the cat was very visible in the garden, elevator, entrance. Also, if I wanted to find a cat, I would make a trip to the grocery store and I would buy some raw meats. I would locate the cat in a minute.

But they have to investigate. I simply asked them to move me to another property but apparently nothing can be done. It is a shame as I would never refer anyone to Public Storage I would strongly discouraged anyone from renting from them. Customer service is non-existent.

Allergies are serious issues, sometimes causing death. Still, as they say, they are investigating. Meanwhile, it is: "pay up and shut up." There are other issues such as the gate that never closes during the week, roaches in the unit that come from the next door one, dirty bathroom, dusty floors and day laborers who get way too close to you if they decide they like you. I am talking inside the property....

I need to run and find another place, a non-storage place. Using storage was/is not an intelligent decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Storage Unit.

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Let's really look at this posting! Person asks if animals allowed and told no. Person asks for very goood reason. Person is told something that is not true. It is often hard to move quickly. Write:

Citizens for Storage Reform

PO Box 31

Azalia, MI 48110

They will forward information to each state involved and ask that something be done. Just be truthful and not write in anger. Some states do not give full free speech protections.


I seriously thought this was a joke post. If you do not want a cat by your storage, MOVE!!!! I think most of the other tenants and all the staff would rather have the cat as a neighbor.


Yes it's unfortunately probably real. PS is a bad company that seens to like to hire the worst of the worst.

Gates that need to be closed but cannot be, people living on site simply because of homelessness, etc. If I was speaking to governmental offers and could influence governmental units; I would push for a real investigation and force PS to pay for all of the damages it has really costs.


Is this a real complaint? Another worthless post.


Bad business as usual. What is a cat doing in the area unless it is being fed?

Apparently this animal is the only friend the onsite has.

Health issues need to be addressed, not ignored. As for "pay and shut up" it's PS's favorite way of doing business.


Yeah... Maybe you should "shut up"

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