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I was told i can on the 4th of every month with no Late fee but that was a lie. They called me on the 2 saying if i did not have my payment in by 4 that day that they are going to cut my lock off that i payed $25.00 at the office.

So i ask them what is the S.C laws about renting the guy at the said the law is what i say it is . So i went to the court house and ask my uncle that is a judge here in orangeburg what the law is and he said it is the same law as if you was renting a house so i show him all of the texts i got from Public storage office manager when he seen of the texts i got from this guy..

so what the judge is doing now he is opening a Investigation on public storage.. so before ya'll try on Ripping somebody off you my wanna check the local and state laws because gallery in violation of a whole bunch up so if someone ask me about ya'll i would tell them if you want to get ripped off go for it

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Storage Unit.

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Maybe filling a class action lawsuit. They are hurting hundreds of people. I think we need to set them straight.

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