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So, Basically i rented a storage unit in March of 2017. I moved out of my apartment where i had been living there for 5 years.

At that time i decided to remt a room from a good friend. The reason why i moved was because my monthly rent went up again. I approached this facility because i use to store a boat at one time. I figured i should check out there storage units.

So i decided to rent there. I did sign paper work that excluded the storage unit for any theft. That they would not be held responsible for damage like theft & i believe it also stated that they would be excluded to go to court. I recently noticed that on my paper work after i got home from the incedent and looked at my move in paper work.

I did have insurance that has a coverage of up to $2,000. Well, on Saturday December 23, 2017 at about 8:40pm a 4 Door Sedan Approached the Storage unit gate keypad. They entered a gate code that would allow them to enter the premises. They circled around until they found a unit to bresk in to.

That happen to be my unit in a outside hallway first door to the right entering. You can see that these 3 individuals was wearing mask & that the vehicle license plate was taken off. You can see them grabbing box by box item by item until they realized they dont have anymore room. They then exit the premises.

They have plenty of cameras so all footage was caught since they entered the facility. During this day the manager that was working that day left at 5 or 6pm. That is there cut off hours. There is no workers or security living at the facility.

These thiefs realized they had stolen some good property that could be useful to make some money. On Sundays all employees are off. Well, These thiefs decided they should come back. Maybe they knew the hours of operation, who knows.

They crooks decided to come back on Sunday December 24, 2017 around 8:00pm. This is the day before Christmas. This time you can see a person on the camera wearing a mask walking up to the outside storage facility keypad. They again entered the same gate code that was used prior to to e first incident that would allow them to enter the premises.

This person walked up to my storage room and realized my lock was still off the door and the rest of my stuff was still there. Then a White Van with Gold Rims entered the facility using the same same gate code. Again there are 3 people wearing mask & the licence plate is off the van. As the van entered the premises they immediately parked by unit.

Then the thiefs entered my storage unit taking box by box, item by item, Daughters, Furniture, bike etc. They took as much stuff as they can fit in coming from my 5x15 storage unit. Then they vacated the premises. As i mentioned before there are enough cameras out there to cover each area.

They caught the footage on camera from when they entered and when they exited. At this point, after 2 days the storage facility and myself did not know my storage room was broken in to. Come Monday the December 25, 2017 on Christmas Day there are no workers working because of the Holiday. Tuesday December 26, 2017 at 10:00am i recieved a call which i answered from the storage facility manager that had been working that day.

He told me that he did his daily walk around to inspect the unit doors/areas of the facility. When he approached my storage unit he noticed my lock was missing. He opened my unit door and noticed my lock that had been cut off and on the floor of my unit. At that point he assumed that my storage unit had been burglarized.

He then went back to the office and looked at the cameras. He explained to me that he had looked at the video coverage of the theft incident and told me a 4 door sedan with 3 indiviuals with masks had entered the premises and circled around with there vehicle and on foot until they found a a storage unit to break in to. Which was my unit stated above. He said from what he could pull from the video footage so far that they could see the thiefs taking some boxes.

At this point i asked him to take pictures & also to please not touch anything. He then took pictures and sent them to my email eventually as soon as he could. He also asked if i had a 4 wheel push dolley by chance. I told him yes.

I have a silver and black one. He said he found one in another hallway across from my unit just sitting there. So he grabbed the push dolley & put it in there personal storage unit area until he could comfirm whos property that was. At this point i notified my kids mother.

I explained to her what had happened. Me, 2 kids and there mother drove down to the storage facility. We arrived around noon time. We entered the storage facilty using my personal gate code issued by the facilty.

I approached the manager inside the office. He locked up the ofgfice then went dirrctly next door so he can show me the 4 wheel dolley that he had mentioned he found across from my unit. Shure enough it was my cart. At that point i sat on there golf cart vehicle as the manager drove me to my unit.

My kids mother followed us as we approached my storage unit. As soon as i approached my storage unit i noticed that there was a red temporarly lock that the facility manager placed after he had realized that morning i was missing my lock. Which is ok because why keep it unlocked. He opened up the door lock to my storage room and immediately saw my storage room had been burglarized.

95% of my stuff had been gone. They left what you see (Pictured) in my unit. I told him they took everything. My kids started to cry.

Myself & my kids mother was upset at that point because my kids also knew they had there stuff in the storage room & all of our sentimental stuff that had been taken from us. You can see the (Pictures Attached) of my unit as I, kids mother & manager of the facility approached and opened the door. We saw that the lock on my unit had been cut (Picture Attached). I asked the manager how did this happen.

How is this even possible. 4 days and i bsrely get a call? He explained the hours of operation the facility and employees work hours. I asked about the gate code they used to enter the facility.

He had told me & my kids mother (Witness) that a old gate code from about 2 years ago was used to get in. That he couldnt find them in the system. He provided a first and last name which i have written down and have no idea who this person is. I immediately answer to that comment.

How does a old gate code still work after they are no longer renting a unit at this facility. He said he has no idea how that could have happened. That the code should not be working. That since he had been working there since June of 2017 he had no idea who this person is and does not recall this person renting at his facility during his employment at the storage facility.

He denied renting a unit to that person issued the gate code during his employment at the facility. He suggest that maybe the facility rented to this person before he was employed there or that maybe the storage unit costumer service had issued a temporarly gate code. He stats and believes that the gate code generated about 2 years or so. When someones enters the code it always provides a name and time of when someone enters/exits the facility.

Thats how the name came up. Again, at that point i am upset and my kids mother (Witness) is upset that had been allowed in the first place to happen.. I explained to the manager during my time renting at your facility i was late 4-5 days paying my monthly bill. They immediately shut down my personal code to enter the facilty until i could pay my past due bill.

I know that because i tried to get in the facility that day and i couldnt until i could pay. I told him how is it that someone that is 4-5 days late on there monthly bill and you guys cut off the code to enter the premises but you guys allow a old gate code to work freely so these people could trespass and enter the facility. Makes no sense to me. Theres something compIetely wrong with that picture.

I told him not only they were able to use that gate code once but twice, come on. I also told him theres something missing in this picture. Theres no way that they could have fit all of my stuff from my unit in a 4 door sedan with 3 people in it. Tgat thsy must of came back that night or the next day to take the rest kf my stuff.

He said he would finish checking the video coverage those days that i mentioned above. At that point i felt very disappointed, disrespected & very much lost of words. All i could think about is my personal and family sentimental stuff gone. I knew exactly what ment the most to me.

My trophies, Awards, Music Instruments that ment a lot to me, My daughters Blanket from when she was a baby that her grandmother knitted for her that has now passed away a few years ago, My daughters ultrasound pic with her baby scrap book, her baby musical bear, my daughters personal painted piggy bank with $200.00, My daughter and sons holiday greeting cards, Yearly christmas ornaments etc missing, Son & Daughters hand crafted art, All of our pictures etc gone. I was lost of words and couldnt believe my eyes. My kids mother was saying that they would hear from her lawyer that this isnt right. We were very upset.

Torn. I told the manager i had over $10-12k worth of stuff in there. I told him even if my insurance covers up go $2k where will i get the rest? I told him oviously upset about the sentimental stuff before anything else.

At that point i was waiting for a call back from the local police department so i can finish filing my claim. I made shure i took my pictures of what i could before we left my unit. The manager then locked up the storage unit with there lock. We then drove back to the office.

When i first showed up the facility i first asked if i could see the video coverage. He stated he is not allowed to show me the video coverage. After everything had happen then arriving back to the facility office as he presented the insurance paper. He said he feels really bad about what happened.

That he decided on his own words to show me the video coverage that also had been witnessed by my kids & (Mother). The footage for that Saturday December 23, 2017 had been shown and presented as stated above. I then told him to please help find the missing puzzle. Told him theres something else we havent caught yet.

He told me he will continue on his search as looking through the video footage takes time. He said he would keep in touch and give me a call as soon as he finds anything else. We left the facility. Then on our way home the local police department called.

I answered and they took my full statement and finished my claim. They provided me with the detective information, claim number that would help handle my case. They also provided a email to send a list of the valuable stuff missing and pics of the storage unit. Which i did provide the requested information.

I also called the insurance for my storage unit to file a claim. I am currebntly waiting on paper work from them that should be here amy day. They said they have a list of things to do followed by notorized by licensed notorized person. Then that paper work would need to be sent out to the insurance company.

That day or the next day i visited the unit i got a call back from the manager of the storage room facility. The manager stuck to his words. Did what he said he would do. He told me he has more information that led to that following day of the first incident stated above which happened to be on Sunday December 24, 2017 around 8:00pm.

Then you can see them taking my daughters bike and the rest of the stuff. He also stated he would personally drop off the video footage incident fir both days on 2 seperate usb's to the detective that is handling my case. He also called letting me know he dropped the video footage off. Then the detective that is handking my case called me the next day after he recieved the video footage.

He told me that the name that was used for the gate code did not pop up in there system. That he will do his part and further investigate. I told him o would send all the information he needs via email. So after hearing the rest of the story to my incident at the storage facility.

Made much more sense. I automstically knew there was something missing the minute he we started to talk at the storsge room facility. Sorry for this long story. I want to be more precise on my situation so that most of the questions are answered here.

It comes down to this. Even if my claim goes through for my max insurance amount of $2,000. I am missing a total of about $12,000 of stuff. How is that fair.

I am really upset about the sentimental stuff and feel like it doesent end there. If you think about it. I feel like if that old gate code from about 2 years ago had not been working i would most likeky still have all my stuff. I feel like that gave the thiefs a push to trespass and wonder off inside a gated premises to do as they please.

Not only did they used the old gate code work once but they used it twice in a total of 2 days. After all that happened they finally decided to shut down the code that was used to get in the storage room premises. It took me getting robbed for them to shut the code down. How does that even make sense?

I am highly thinking about filing a small court claims against the storage room facility. Since you may have read my situation what are my chances on persuing a court case against the storage room facilty. Even though i initialed and signed the move in paper work from the storage facilty stating they cant be taken to court and cant be sued or not responsible for theft. What are my chances taking them to court?

Would i be eligible in my situation? Does that overide the initialed and signed paper work. Because i highly blame the storage facilty for the incident that had happen. Even if i do take them to court do i have a chance to persue my case?

The manager recently also stated he would write me letter & signed stating he has not been aware of the gate code still working, that he does not know the person and he has no involvment with the issued gate code. That he did not enroll that person to the facility. He said he would also state the name of the person issued the gate code. That since working there since June of 2017 he has not dealt with this person or know that the code is still functionable.

So for atleast 7 months we know this code has been working to get in to the facility because thats how long hes been working there for. I have my kids mother as a witness, full video footage for both days etc. Thoughts please. Any advice would be helpful.

Anyone with a attorney or lawyer that could pass om some advice that you might know of in the family or a maybe a friend that you can tell my situation to. Please help me. Could i persue this case? Do i have a chance?

We are devistated, My family is in a lot of pain dealing with this matter. I honestly feel that i just cant walk away. Where do i go from here? I am leaning towards small claims?Please let me know.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Preferred solution: Hope.

I didn't like: Security.

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They might not be liable for theft but I would follow through with a police report because stealing, theft is a crime no matter where. And even though you signed a waiver Public Storage and other still have to take 'reasonable' steps to 'secure' their facility.

They still have to act responsibly and in good faith.

They can't act negligently. Also anytime you rent a unit always look at the ceiling because many are open fence wire ceiling which means entry from above let alone look cutting or panel removal


Quote : "I did sign paper work that excluded the storage unit for any theft ."

Definition : excluded the storage unit for any theft

$2,000.00 of insurance coverage is apparently inadequate.

You should have carried sufficient coverage.

No excuses, no theories, nothing but loss uncompensated.

You will be lucky to get the 2 grand if you can't document anything.

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