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I rent a large unit from public storige for six months.since i have been there stuff keeps disapearing little at a time from the unit . There is no sing of forst intry.

I live outside and have alot of hatred people in which are thefes around me speciale at night. Stolin stuff lik a landry baskit full of clean jeans. A silver fluit in a perpul soft velvet case and a par of $65 dollor dog shose for my serves dog. Alsow where i keep my money safe there was even s

$150 stolen .

And a bag of adult things cost over $160 from a langera shop bran new left in a diferent place then where i put them left used and undesarable for my use. Well i think for sure that they are letting them inter my storige letting them steal and fulling around laughfing about it and saying thers not much i can do about it!what do you think i should do?

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