I've been with Public Storage for almost 3 years now. I have a large unit 10 X 20 I don't understand the rent increases every 6 months it's ridiculous, when I first started renting it was at $230 now I'm paying 298 for the same spot.

They say that's the going rate that's why so much. Now what I don't understand is I have a friend that has the same size 10 X 20 unit and he's paying $266. for the same space at the same storage place. I don't get it I don't understand why don't they rent that unit out to him for 298?????

Why because they know it's ridiculous and they can't rent it for that price to get you in..... then price increase price increase price increase b*******

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They are the worst ever stay away from them unless you want to deal with rent increases and the WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my life. A manager hung up on me which it starts at the top and if management is hanging up on people just imagine what the people below them do.

I guess this is acceptable now.

Not to me. I am going to a new storage place mostly because of the horrible customer service.


Storage facilities are the biggest crooks since rental corporation. No joke. "Criminal"


I work for a competitor of Public storage so I have no reason to defend them, but I can tell you that rate increases are an industry standard practice. Also prices vary almost daily because the sq footage is valued like real estate which also varies daily.

It's similar to hotels even (rent one July 4th weekend vs midweek in June and it'll vary by a lot). Keeping up with current pricing is actually one important way to prevent frequent rate increases.Most research indicates that a storage company should raise rents by 7-10% with the work indicating that increases around the 5 month mark, 11 month mark, and then yearly afterward is the best practice. Staggering them longer would just make the dollar amount of each increase higher and upset people, while doing them too frequently can obviously also make people angry.I can't say that Public does or doesn't raise their rent EVERY 6 months.. if they do that is a little more frequent than I'd be OK with as a customer.

But in their defense, the distance between the first two rate increases (in most storage companies) can surely make it seem like rents just go up too often, but as you stay longer (at least with my company) you would surely see the increases more spaced and in some cases, a long term customer with a good payment history can easily request their increases be removed with general success as research also indicates rewarding "long term" tenants is favorable.NO customer likes paying more than they started, this is just a given. But increases are built into storage because they are vital to keeping a storage facility open. Yes, some companies do increases too often and that isn't fair.. but the ones who don't do any just plain go out of business.To me, I think of it like the industry practice (for gas stations) of having a cash price v.

credit card price. If you focus on that, it's a REALLY weird practice. No other industry does it. If I walked into a movie theater and they told me it was cheaper if I paid cash, I would assume the clerk was stealing money.

But it actually is needed in that industry because there is no minimum purchase requirement, so if customers only got say, $1 of gas and paid with a card, the station would go out of business due to the credit card merchant fees.For storage, there are other reasons of course, but it is vital. Things customers don't consider: property tax on a storage facility can increase by a LOT yearly. Just as an example, my facility's property tax increased by $30k per MONTH in January. If we tried to recoup that on just new renters, nobody would rent here because our price would be staggering.

Also it wouldn't be fair to them as they aren't the only people using the facility. The added money also goes into extra maintenance and improvements to the site. Things like resealing concrete bricks should be done like every 5 years. Since storage is commercial we have higher maintenance costs than say a landlord of an apartment.

Say our HVAC for example, runs constantly and thus needs replacing and maintenance.Anyway, paying more than you started off at is a universally negative experience, but it is going to happen so a better way to determine whether you should continue there or move sites is basically.. do you feel they're giving you 100% of the service they provide you?

I mean like, good customer service, clean lots and hallways, not a lot of riff raff, access hours and equipment that work? That is what matters most and is the only thing that truly differentiates one storage company from another.

to Joe #1532415

Wow! That was a great explanation!

I'm not happy about it however it makes business sense. I can now be ok with the incremental price increases.

to Joe #1632913

You're still a crook Joe. Hope you rot in ***


I never understood why it goes up. I've been here for at least 8 years and I moved from a 5x5 to a 5x10 for more space.

It was $79 when I started and now it's $124 that may not seem like much but the gate has been broken for 3 months. The light over my unit was broken for almost 9 months so I had to use a flashlight. Now the window is broken out and the employee didn't even seem to care. He said it had a small hole so he broke the rest out.

Who even does that. I'll end up staying because where else is there to go. It's either freezing cold or boiling hot and the place is full of bugs and spiders. Might as well buy an outside unit.

It's also between two other storage places.

Maybe they would be better. I was paying for security but what is the point with a gate always open and broken windows.

to Anonymous #1527930

I totally agree with you. My stuff was put into a SECURE unit" that was broken into twice in one weeks time.

I have been now dealing with the district manager and the regional manager for Oregon. There is not enough security in the "SECURE" unit that I pay for. How is any thing considered "SECURE" When it gets broken into? Let alone twice within 6 days??

Now, I am dealing with the Portland Police Department and currently waiting for action on their part. As a cook, The thing that I miss the most is my Cast Iron pans. The fact that I spent years seasoning, Orange Door Storage Insurance Company, will only look at the value of the pans when purchased. there is no consideration of the years of dedication it took to get my pans to cook that well.

I also used to possess a full set of Craftsman hand tools stolen on this suspects second go 'round, everything from a full set 1/4 inch drive sockets through 1/2 drive sockets. I have rented through Public Storage in the past, without incident. I am very disappointed and will never use their facilities again!!

I want to push for a new name for them... "Public Stealage"


The rent increase is due to their thought process of the market value...


Wish I would have read these reports first!


Yep, they make their own rules. I'm out soon.


Been having a 10x10 unit for 3 years with PS in Gretna, LA. My rental went from $79 per month to $160.

Local rep said that i should see an increase in rent every 6 months or so. She put in a request for a rate adjustment to the district manager.

She said he would call me within 48hours to discuss options. He never called.


I moved in March to a 10x30 for 157.00. The next month it went to 187.00 now starting in Oct it will be 223.00. I have only 2 large pieces of furniture to move out of there and I'm done.


Public $candaler's

Public Strangler'$

Public Scavenger'$

Do not take the bait for the $1.00 move in!, it's just to lure you in for the big kill!!!

to rob you of your family heirlooms and treasures and prize possessions!!!

by manipulating the law to do so weather your good customer or not they will do you!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1279951

I rented 2 years ago at 275

One year later they bumped to 315

6 months after that ( today) 350

I am outraged. Is there recourse?




to Anonymous #1499617

You are absolutely correct first of all I got luck on the property in my code will not let me out they advertise in after hours emergency number which was voicemail only then it said call the office I call the office obviously there's no one there is advertising on site manager 24 hours a day which of course there was none I was stuck there with no way out that is considered illegal keeping someone against their will and having no way out they give no notice that you will be locked overnight if you do not leave within 15 minutes of the close time and as well when I made a complaint about that this month my rent went up from $63 to $74 over 15% markup in one month and I haven't even been there 5 months. I can't see how this is legal everybody should file e joint lawsuit against them for fraud because they lie about the $1 moving they raise rates monthly or whenever they feel like it they retaliate against and customer service if they even have anybody working there must have the IQ I'm about squirrel they never return phone calls or emails and when they do it just repeats themselves as if they are brainless.And they had previous complaints about the same thing of people getting stuck in there and someone tried to climb over the gate to get out and rip their arm open and got 40 stitches and they still have no resolve to being locked in their property no large sign saying you will be locked in there no emergency phone number that works false advertising fraud this place should be fined and sued by everyone who has been taken advantage of by them and I would be a part of it I'm going to contact an attorney as well about the non notice of rate increases they never had me read any contract they decide Sign Here sign here and then she'll here never gave me even a chance to read it as well as being suck on the property they are Criminal.Public Storage are criminal negligent and brainless just want your money and commit fraud and robbery every day as well as create dangerous situations for people who get stuck on their property if you stay after the 9 p.m.

closing time which they do not state that you have to be out of the property by then I initially thought you just had to go in that gate to get in there by 9 p.m. the next day they threatened to evict me for getting stuck there instead of apologizing I'm going to contact the attorney anybody else who has probably should email me once and for all.Ponyboykid@gmail.com


I had similar problems with another company. The only way these self storage companies can make MORE money is to sell extras or raise rent to show their stock holders and investors that they can grow profit.

Some storage units will be happy with "an" increase with as little as 5$ a month and others want 30-60$ a month.

Storage unit ownership is very cultish with most owners and managers using the same websites and tactics including pricing the competition so they can claim they are competitive in their pricing. But one dollar less than the guy down the street isn't exactly a fair price. They only worry about competition pricing. They don't care about A profit they want maximum profit.

But they risk vacancies. Some renters will leave their unit in the drop of a hat hence all the tv shows. Longer term renters or those not used to regular rent increases will probably abandoned first. If they get you to stay of 3-4 years that means they got several rent increases off of you.

You move out and another sucker will eventually move in.

Unless you have furniture or stuff you must have seperated or kept from others think hard about storage especially when it comes to stuff. Work on your organizational skills and use shelves and storage containers you can move around the house. Same applies to your storage unit.

If you are organized with things like shelving you can rent a smaller unit.

Charities and thrift shops will take a lot of stuff people store so if you are worried about wasting something try giving it to them first. I understand moving or renovating/repairing a house but if you store beyond a year you are a storage unit owner's dream.

Decatur, Georgia, United States #690061
I don't understand why the rent on my storage facility has gone up either...I am planning a move...that's ridiculous :cry
to Traci Clinton, Michigan, United States #694718
I just got a increase and I've only been there 4 months, I have a 10 X 30 and it went from $168.00 To $188.00 No notice at all just recived a card in the mail after Aug. was paid that on Sept 1 rent was going up.

I then found another place to move to and Public will NOT refund Aug. Rent after the 6th of the month. Public Storage is nothing but a rip off.

I'm moving to a storage company just 2 miles away and the same size unit is $124.00 a month. :eek :?

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