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Public Storage ruined me and my kids life. I went thru a verybad domestic situation and was forced to put allmy belongings in storage in 7/15 and go into a safe haven with and my children.

In 4/2016 I moved into a house and had planned on retrieving our things from storage. Two days after moving in i found out i was a victim of fraud and the house i was renting did not belong to the landlord. I contacted the DA office and police to file a complaint and was told that this individual was being watched by the police and feds for committing housing fraud. At this point me and my children became homeless smh.

I was told the contact pa victim services and that relocation expenses, storage, and my stolen cash would be replaced. I was unable to pay for the storage and the Da and victim compensation contacted public storage several times to let them know that my unit would get paid for, however no return call was given. I was notified that my unit would be going into auction on 6/21. Finally on 6/20 the victim ppl got in touch with the district manager and was told that there was nothing they could do and the auction would still go on.

Unable to pay me and my childrens things were auctioned for 600 in rent (April, May, and June) and 400 in late fees. I became so distraught due to my kids being so upset i attempted suicide smh. While in the hospital my sister looked up my account and seen that only 100 dollars was credited tomy account for over 20k in clothes, furniture, jewelry... EVERYTHING WE OWNED!

When my sister questioned why this was done and why only a credit of 100 was received she was threatened by the district manager that he was turning over this account to there legal team. My sister then recieved a call from someone who works at public storage and told her that two staff had stolen stuff out of my unit before the auction.

I just feel like this was a very evil and cruel thing to do considering the circumstances not to mention the city was paying for the bill due to me being a victim of a crime. Public Storage has really ruined me and my childrens life and its unfair that staff were able to come up off a sad mishap that was no fault of mine.i am a wreck right now and so are my children because lots of things were irreplaceable along with memorabilia from a deceased child

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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