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If you move out of Public Storage on the first day of the month, they will bill you for the entire month - BEWARE OF THIS!!!!! There is no pro-rating!!!!

They will then, most likely, rent out your vacant unit that you paid for and collect double rent. This is a change in policy and I have not received any notification of this change. This is a change in policy. I rented from them last year and was only charged for the first few days of the month until I moved out.

I was not charged for the entire month. Several calls to their corporate office were made and I was informed that they can make changes to their contract without any notification.

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Self-storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Yes, I have just experienced that myself! Bunch of thieves..I would say use social media to the fullest extent to make sure these guys go belly up!


These properties, no matter which company it may be, are only as good as it's full time manager. If he or she has their act together, a good work ethic, and communicates effectively with the tenants, 99% of these problems are easily avoided.

Don't stop at just price shopping.

Rent at a place with an excellent manager. It might be worth an extra $14/month.


The leases have always read "no prorates". The prorate between the 1st-6th of the month was only a courtesy prorate, so the company (as is their choice) can stop it at any time. They did so in 2017, the same year they stopped giving modest end of year performance bonuses to the low paid hourly employees (the property managers).


I've rented public storage units all over the Bay Area for the past 15 years I have never been told that I have to physically go up to the office and tell them when I vacate the unit and most of the time when I have vacated the unit which is always been on time I've done it either before the office was open or after the office was closed so there was nobody there to tell however I shared a unit with someone recently and was out on the day before I was supposed to be out as well as a month before that when I rented a unit by myself and I was also again out on the day I was supposed to be out and because the employees did not check the units on the day that I left they checked them one two three days later which went into the next month they rebilled me for another month me and now I'm in collections for another month's rent. I refuse to pay the collection agency I wrote them a letter explaining what happened and I have not received a letter back.

I was told to call and contact someone at corporate office in Castro Valley but the person never calls me back and the people in the offices at both locations that I've had this problem with say they can't handle the problem that I have to talk to someone in corporate but nobody returns my call. I refuse to pay the collection agency for a bill that I do not owe any money on. it is not right and I can't afford it. it can't possibly be legal it's not my fault their employees were lazy and didn't do their job and check the damn units.

now I'm getting called a liar and accused of not doing what I was supposed to do which was vacate the unit and I did. I busted my butt to have the units vacant and I even have pictures to prove that I was out of the unit.

gate codes also prove when the last time you're in and out of that of the facility so I do not understand why they sit here and bill you for things when you don't owe them any money. then if you refuse to pay it it goes against your credit history as being negative and I can't have that.

to Natalie mazzanti #1539125

Contact the Better Business Bureau


This just happened to me too. I'm so pissed as last month when I enquired about moving out the manager told me there would be no problem moving out mid month and they would prorate.

I ended up moving out on the 1st/2nd and was then told they don't prorate and would need to pay for the entire month ahead even though I had moved out. Even if they immediately rent out the unit to someone else I would still have to pay the month. WTF!! This has to be illegal practice and I intend to be in touch with my lawyer to find out if a class action lawsuit is possible.

This is unacceptable and in my view criminal. I asked if since I was so close to the beginning of the month they would make an exception, especially as I was told they would prorate previously, they just kept repeating the same old "that is our policy" line.

I mean come on any decent company would make an exception in certain cases like that wouldn't they? FFS what have we become as a society these days...smh


This just happened to me. So evil!


This just happened to me as well. This has to be against the law!! I plan to fight this in court.

to Mark Davis II #1594226

Read the lease. It does tell you that it is your responsibility to notify the office of your plans to vacate.

It sounds like some of these people had not done that. The lease presentation that is done in the office at the time of rental is a script that must be read word for word. It's made clear to notify the office BEFORE vacating.

When you do vacate, the space will be empty, lock off the door and COME TO THE OFFICE to get vacated out of the system. In case you've never worked at a storage facility, it is often difficult to be in the office AND run around a 900 unit facility every hour of every day to find the vacated units of the people that could not have been bothered to tell the office either by coming in or making a quick phone call to let them know.

to Storage employee #1609641

I understand your position as a worker but I moved out on the first notified the office and they wanted to bill me for a whole month for not being out 1 day earlier was told to be out on the first not before the first


That is ridiculous! I just got off the phone with them and they said the same things.

I will definitely be looking at my contract because if they did not state that they need no notification to stop prorating, and I signed a contract saying they did. they have to prorate me.

They sure didn't have a problem contacting me when the rent for my unit went up $40. TWICE!


I have the same situation as you. Even they eliminated this by August, but the people in the storage didn’t aware of this and still promise me about the pro rate. However, when I want to move out yesterday and the people insist she neither any people in the office promise this to me.


to Neilson CHEN #1383548

I had this happen as well. I called the office and they told me if I moved out by the 10th of the month they would pro rate the rent.

I broke my back getting out of there on the 10th and vacated the space while the office was still open. They then told me "we don't prorate" another girl there asked who I spoke to (like I got a name!) and said oh yea they stopped doing that a while ago.

I kept asking how long ago and she wouldn't give me a answer. They're liars and criminals

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