Don't trust public storage.

They make their employees push services you don't need. They expect them to memorize scripts to overcome your objections, and hard sell you to make you feel that you have to buy. (High pressure sales)

They push there over priced locks, and make you think you have to buy there insurance. The insurance company Willis will fight you if you have a claim. They will also only cover a percentage of your items.

Get renters or home owners insurance and ask if they will cover off site storage.

The reason for this is the district managers, and above get a bonus based on the sales of locks and insurance.

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What this company does is illegal. I wonder why it's not in courts yet

Sanford, Maine, United States #1215513

they force us to sell 93 locks per 100 people or terminate us its a scam i left the company afther a week when i found it out i would avoid the company like the plague


Wow, the original poster seems to completely understand the upsell nature of self storage. I've experienced the same thing.

The stuff they try to sell you a self storage place is like the extended warranty sales at an appliance store. And just like the those extended warranties there is so much fine print you won't get that much in claim if they honor the claim at all.

A lot of these self storage owners and property managers are no better than a slum lord with a very adversarial relationship with their customers. They also have an unwiley sense of entitlement thinking they can or should have a liability free business. People put stuff IN storage so they don't have to leave it out on the lawn with the assumption it will be protected from the elements.

Repeat if it's IN storage there is a reasonable assumption that the structure with protect your stuff from the basic elements like rain. They want you to sign your life away. It's pretty bad when a storage rental agreement is more pages and complex than an apartment rental agreement. I kid you not I've rented apartments with less paper work and land the landlords had no problem evicting or going after back rent.

To top it off publically traded storage units want to make MORE money for their investors and stock holders and the only way they can make additional profit is to over price accessories like locks, sell insurance that's one of their subsidiaries or LLCs.

They also admit that profit increases are based on their ability to raise rents. Self storage units are in a class with 30% interest payday loan outfits.


Santa Clarita, California, United States #875362

I just had the same thing happen. I went down to public storage to get a "cheaper" 10 by 15 than the competitor and it ended up costing MORE money with administration fees and monthly insurance.

I asked her if I had to buy insurance and she said yes! I thought that must be illegal forcing someone to buy insurance.

Now to move from the storage is going to cost me more but I don't want to give this company any more of my money after doing a switch and bate.



Nice hoarding and vid about psrrapednees. Other than a couple of sane voices, sad to find so many nonsensical comments when all you did was trying to share some useful tips.

Nobody is able to comprehend the future and be prepared 100% should SHTF events happen, but hey kudos to you, you and family are in better position than those who are not prepared. Guns? sure, not for hunting and looting but for DEFENSE.

Where is the coming of the great flood, Noah? they mocked.


It would be nice if u told the whole truth.....Master locks are not as lways the best. Ive seen those locks broken off with a hammer and that spray that u use to clean keyboards applied to the keyhole.....yes a cordless drill can be used on the disc....much more noise and noticable dont u think? About being in the apt....they cant pay u UNDER min wage....they can drop u to min wage if you're not an A Store prop manager.....


do you have to have a receipt and serial number for every item to get any money back from items stolen ?


Good luck the insurance company won't do anything. We have had police reports from break ins and people file a claim and get nothing.

Needless to say I posted about about how employees were forced to know scripts well I don't work there now because I was fired because my numbers for locks and insurance were low.

I stopped trying to force it on customers.. NEVER USE PUBLIC STORAGE!!!!!


Public storage in Chicago Heights , Il. is the worst place to store if you get an inside unit.

I thought by getting an inside unit my items would be better of. WRONG!!! I went there one day to get a few things out of my unit and I noticed a strong smell of urine. My unit happens to be near a corner and when I looked I noticed a yellow stain on the wall in the corner.

I talked to the property manager about it and they stated they were aware of the situation and were trying to take care of it by mopping the floor and painting the walls. Well they paintd the doors and got paint on my lock but it did not do anything for the smell. I went back a week later and the smell was still there and the floor looked the same so I tried an experiment. I left an item on the floor near my unit and came back a week later and the item was still there.

I advised the manager about that and she said she doesnt know why it was still ther since they are suppose to do a walk through and clean everyday. Well when I had actually moved some of my things to get at other things I noticed that there was a stong urine smell in MY UNIT!! apparently the corner where the unknown person using as a urinal had leaked into my unit and got the smell of urine on my couch and bed. Thank goodnesss I had put my clothing and shetes, pillows and towels etc.

in plastic bags. I am still waiting to hear from the insurance company. I spoke with them and they said that it was confirmed by the establishment what I said was true. The thing is, there idea of a remedy was to put a toiled sanitizer in the corner!!

DUH!! wouldn't you think that it says to the person who is urinating there, "GO AHEAD AND URINATE NOW" I filed a poloce report and demanded my 20$ refund for late fees. NEVER!!

NEVER!! use public storage in Chicago heights on western ave!!!!


Really what good is the insurance? I had rodent damage to my property and the insurance covers $150.00. which won't even cover the amount to clean an area rug- Public storage is not taking any responsibility for the damage caused to my property and there is visible entry by the rodents from the ceiling- Why don't they take responsibility for securing their property and maintaining their buildings?


All of our customers are required to have insurance on their goods in storage. One option is to purchase insurance through the Willis Storage Insurance Program. Which limit would you prefer?


Yes the above is true they FORCE US to offer insurance and locks. We are threatened with termination and have to be on special calls with our bosses if we have a low percentage. Also the insurance company has never paid a claim even from a break in.


As former employee and customer, worst company I ever did business with. Due to the economy, had to work there temporarily between decent jobs.

Claims of poor renter's insurance definitely true. More times than not, they will not pay even a fraction of a consumer's loss. They treat their employees even worst than their customers. As of a few years ago, the health insurance offered property managers was nothing less than fraud.

The bottom line is that the health insurance offers no assistance at all. The PS front line property managers I worked with were decent folks trying to make ends meet working for a terrible employer. My recent storage needs are being met by a local mom and pop self storage facility.

Not as inexpensive but better in every other way. Most communities have such...


Unfortunately, the employees work for an employer who does not appear to have ethics. The lock and insurance is not the worst part of the problem, the problem is the refusal to repair the facilities so that leaks, rodents, and other problems affect the renter.

There are rules about how to treat employees, use them. Be ethical and renters will not be hostile to others.


Ok first off PS wants to make as much money as they can. With that said you as the consumer need to understand that they are gona tell you everything YOU need to buy.

All you need to pay is 1 dollar for your first months rent and whatever administrative fees they have, sorry no way around that.

The insurance they push on you is willis the reason they do is they own willis and that lock they say is so good I hate to say is garbage cordless drill a good tip 5 secs lock is off get a yellow master the thick one 5 bucks cheaper and it takes a grinder to get it off. Oh lastly the person behind the desk is only doing his/her job and they live in fear that if they dont do it the ever changing PS way they will lose it, and since most eployees live on property and are payed below min wage "PS includes the apartment as wages" at anyrate PS is not a bad place to store for short term 2 3 months tops after 6 months my rates went out the roof almost doubled personal note to corpate you need to let some those property manage run the property all you need to do is sit down play a round of golf or do whatever lazy rich corporate types do or maybe go work at one those propertys for a month on whatever scraps you pay your staff

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