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I first rented a unit in August 2016.And to understand the hardship this has all caused for me, I will tell you that from Dec 2014 to Sept 2015, I've had multiple back surgeries resulting in fusion to my cervical and lumbar spine.

I healed well, but have all the plates, screws, scars and lifting/bending restrictions I can handle. After 2 weeks, I was bringing the last of my things in, only to discover the unit had water standing on more than half of the floor. I luckily took steps to guard against this by putting down pallets before moving in. But when I addressed it with the manager, I was met with all but an accusation that I was trying to make a damage claim on the insurance which I was forced to purchase (the fine print of rental agreement DOES NOT require it) .

She was willing to do nothing to fix the problem. It took about 10 days till I finally got a response from the district manager and was finally cleared to move to another unit. It was nearly impossible to get a person on the phone...Not proper cust service. I moved my things.

I moved myself too. I started college ( very very late) as well. January came, I was preparing to move again. Then I got a letter, from PUBLIC STORAGE, stating I had 2 weeks to move my things because they're renovating that building.

I moved my stuff to another of their locations. The security lights and the light in the unit both did not work. Also had huge holes in the fence that an elephant would fit thru. They said they'd fix it but needed my key to access the unit.

I gave them a spare. Got back in town 10 days later. Lights still do not work. No phone call, no lights.

No fence repair. I do not care to give access to my unit freely. I let it go for a month. Still not fixed.

I told them I will not pay for a secured facility that is not secure, but agreed to pay half my rent, the rest after it gets fixed. They accepted. I came back, all was fixed. I paid the other half of the rent and the next month as well.

Then received a late charge, which the district manager agreed to remove. Then came the next craziness... My gate access was denied every time I went there up until the day I moved my stuff out. I moved out completely and with notice, on March 1, 2017.

That late fee that was to be removed... WAS NOT. I never received a phone call or a final bill. Until I got a letter in the mail from no other than a COLLECTIONS AGENCY!!!

And the late fee was no longer 20 bucks....rather it has grown to a total of $45.67! Strange that I was told by the manager that I had a zero balance, which matches my records. I am so offended by this that it is causing me anxiety issues. Not to mention the fact that I had to move my stuff so many times due to NO FAULT OF MY OWN.

And you want more money??????????????????? I would love to know how many untold horror stories about PUBLIC STORAGE and their QUESTIONABLE PRACTICES are out there... Most of this seemed to me to be an effort to get me to default so they can keep my things...I don't know. One thing is certain, They are a poorly managed with shady practices that I have heard more negativity about than any other company I have known in all of my 47 years.

I encourage everyone to speak out against this company. They obviously care only for their own bottom line...Not yours... Thank You.............


Review about: Public Storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Because I no longer rent from Public Storage.

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