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I just filed a big lawsuit on March 15 2018, and Public Storage was just served last week. April 27, 2018.

The suit is 178 pages and 17 Causes of Action for their scofflaw corporate policies that do indeed chronically Violate the Laws of California as well as Violating their California Customers with every contract they have them sign... I think they are guilty of "Criminal Negligence , and a blatant Conspiracy to Defraud their customers, and those are just two of my causes of action. They are arrogant corporate scofflaw thieves who Violate their customers on multiple levels and have been getting away with it because the police and state and local DA's are standing by and doing NOTHING!! That is who you have to file complaints with.

The state DOJ, and your local DA's. That is what I am trying to do right now that all my paperwork is filed. They and the courts can take actions to stop their scofflaw policies. I contacted the police after I discover I was defrauded and insisted they take a crime report!

But the police flat out refused, insisting themselves this was a "Civil" matter so I should go file a Lawsuit if I wanted justice. That's just not right!! That's a big hole in the system and the DOJ and DA's need to be pestered into action!

And I would invite any other Public Storage CA Victims to be a witness for me just by telling your own stories either in court or by a certified deposition. CONTACT ME: PhotoGraphics@DavidGoldner.com 310-709-2107

I didn't like: No ethics or moral compass corporate thieves violate ca laws.

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Has anyone here ever been charged a full months rent when they moved out by the third of the new month?Michael at the Pittsburg (older location) told me I would have to because they do not prorate! This is BS!!

to Pissed #1479986

I have heard this same complain from many people. Public Storage will steal your money any way they can...

It's funny, I was supposed to get my 1st month for $1.00 and I started there on the last week in june. But they started my rent July 1st, and prorated those last few days f June without telling me, putting it on my first invoice without labeling it, just calling it "current balance". That's illegal in itself! Then they tacked a late charge on those anonymous prorated days because I didn't pay it in July!

Because that month was supposed only supposed to be a $1.00 starting special! That's in my lawsuit too!! THESE GUYS ARE CORPORATE WHORES!


to David Goldner #1573119

I also was charged 1/2 first month, and 1/2 the second month. There excuse is “well its balanced out that way” i called BS on this practice, as it contitues as Fraud!!!!

It’s not 1/2 and half!! ‘It’s FIRST MONTHS FREE” as its advertised!! I’m in contact with an attorney over this and the sick and nasty ways I’ve been treated. They refused my payment, and told me to move out.

No notice, no service from Sheriffs, nothing but grief.... SDPD wont do anything here in San Diego either. Do we just take to Marshall Law and Vigilatism now.

Ca buracrates are so focused with getting there fat butts re-elected, but refuse to do there elected jobs.... WTF???

to David Goldner #1594499

Your 1st month was $1.00, the 1st 30 days. If you moved in June 25th, the prorated amount for July is due July 1st for the last 5 days of July.

to Pissed #1574902

Yes!! I am in the same pickle now..I moved out on the 1st and they want the whole months rent.

Tried talking sense with the district manager and they conveniently point me to the contract, which is pretty confusing to say the least. The bigger issue is that the manager at the facility gave us a different story as to how they charge and said that they prorate.

We asked her several times stating that we would likely be moving out around the 10th of the month and she said it would be prorated..and now, here I am faced with a different storyline. All I can say is that these guys are dishonest and unethical..I am going to put the lock back on that unit to make sure that these guys do not rent out the unit I vacated and take a double dip!

to Pissed #1594497

The lease states they do not prorate. It's a month to month lease.

If you are occupying that unit on the 1st of the month, you own for the entire month.

Also stated in the lease, you are required to notify them before vacating. They would have explained the no prorate thing again.

to PeacefulAardvark #1594524

I moved in late June and it was supposed to be $1 special for the first month. But when you get there, they also want a $22 administration fee, and then I got another invoice within a week or two saying I had a CURRENT BALANCE of 75.50 when that first month is supposed to be $1 and because I didn't pay that immediately, they tacked on a late fee!

That's called "False Advertising and Bait & Switch!!" Public Storage has the ethics of a cockroach and rob their customers blind as a Corporate Policy!!

That's what I am suing them for! -David Goldner

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