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I've rented here for 3 years.

I need to move out now. There are no handcarts or dollies anywhere on site. I have an inside unit, so I cannot pull up to the unit with a car or truck.

Apparently the handcarts have been stolen.

I called the 800 number. They said the dollies and handcarts are a courtesy. They can no longer provide them.

I'm stumped. I need to dispose of many things. There is also no garbage on site. I cannot put things in my car.

I will have to leave things in the unit and just stop paying.

Manager no help.

Oh yes, and price went from less than $50 a month to over $120.

Try another company.

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So you are mad at them because sleazy customers stole their handcarts and you are a slob who is unwilling to dispose of your own garbage? They are a storage company not a garbage dump.

Take some responsibility for yourself and the mess you created. Call a junk hauler and have them take your garbage.

And go to uhaul and rent a handtruck. Stop trying to get something for nothing.

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