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I was a leasee for six (6) years at the Public Storage loaction at 4300 Boulder Highway. The onsite Manager, Chanti had previously attempted to auction my unit over a year ago, while I was attending my Mother's funeral.

In spite of numerous complaints to the corporate offices, this individual has never been reprimanded for unprofessional behaviour. She constatnly Robo dialed my cell phone. I paid my monthly rent on line with my Debit card, and I have maintained records. Unbeknownest to me, I discovered through the customer service department that my unit ws sold.

It contained EVERTYTHING that I owned including sensitve tax documents, expensive furniture, electronics, cookware, clothing, etc. I am ACTIVELY seeking an attorney so that I can sue for the value of my items as I lost EVERYTHING.

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You don't need an attorney. Just go to Small Claims Court, even if the amount is higher. Attorney fees would be too high.

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