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I went to move my things out on November 2nd and everything to the back of my unit was destroyed from the mood my things were only in there for two months the manager was very rude and not understanding where I was coming from I had two late payments fees and they dropped my insurance off from the unit and now I’m trying to figure out what can I do I’ve tried calling different ppl and still know calls from anyone

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It wasn’t passed 45 days and when I spoke to the Gm now he is saying that when I transferred my unit inever checked for insurance again and I thought when you transferred something everything thing is switched over the customer service is horrible and you guys need to hire all new management I taking this to court

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You were emailed or given copies of your paperwork. It would was said "Declined" on the insurance addendum.

You should never assume something automatically happens. When doing the transfer and or rental, we can not advance the screen until you make the decision about insurance. I cover my *** right after the rental is done. I will notate accounts that decline insurance and why.

I do this because my supervisor will ask me why I didn't get insurance on the rental. Those in the office do not randomly remove insurance on accounts. The only way to lose the insurance is if the customer chooses to remove it or the account was past due the number of days as stipulated in the insurance addendum. It may have been 45 days, it may have been less depending on the state you're in.

You would have to read the insurance addendum. Again I need to tell people, it's not the person behind the desk, or their boss or thier boss's boss that makes up all these inane rules and regulations. Changing office employees or management is not the issue. "Most" of them are just doing their jobs and reading the scripts.

The people that are making up the rules is Corporate office and shareholders, those people for the most part are in it for life.

Sadly, most cases do not get to court, after the lease is read by an attorney, the decide there is no recourse. I wish you luck.


Once you go 45 days past due, the insurance is dropped. Those terms are covered on the insurance addendum.

See if your renters or homeowners insurance will cover it.

They do sell products to absorb the moisture in the storage room. I'm guessing you didn't purchase any at the office or at your local hardware store

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While I looked at the agreement in there wasn’t anything checked off so what being said thanks for your response im still taking this for court I’

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I no on my part nothing was noted

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