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Update by user Aug 21, 2018

As of today August 19th they did not correct the actions they made one phone call to me after they were notified by the FTA which is a Federal Trade Commission which is the federal version of Consumer Protection Agency who said they were going to investigate the company for illegal activities since I got locked on the property overnight and they legally raise my rent without due notice they gave me less than 3 weeks notice by-law it is at least 30 days and they charged me $20 to make a payment on the money owed for that month even though I was only a day late and pain paying over the phone they charge me almost 35% extra just to pay it by debit card not credit card they're trying to retaliate because of my complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau they have done nothing to resolve it all and left a message that they want it is just a joke and they are absolute criminals do not do business with first pay after that it is all downhill and theft and unprofessional and mostly illegal business tactics. they will lie and bully you and raise the rent and charge you extra fees or keep your stuff which they like to do and sell it all and if there are options they do it frequently check google.com and check Public Storage complaints and you will see thousands upon thousands more than any other company in his country.

and if you do complain they just ignore it they will not contact you unless you just owe the money that's their only concern they ignore all enquiries or complaints or any complaints of being locked on the property which is false imprisonment or any other illegal business activities they will fully ignore. Both Consumer Protection Agency and the Federal Trade Commission says that have a legitimate complaint and a Federal Trade Commission is going to investigate and or contact other agencies to investigate if there is out of there reach for any reason they said it is illegal what they're doing.

Update by user Aug 04, 2018

Today is Thursday, August 4th, 2018 so now I have been dealing with this issue for almost 2 months no one has made any attempt to resolve it it is complete 100% complete laziness lack of any customer care whatsoever passing the buck and shunning responsibility and liability. This company should be review thoroughly as the Federal Trade Commission the Better Business Bureau State's Attorney's office that I contacted did say this place is going to be fully investigated because not only did they fail to give me proper 30-day notice to raise the rent they only gave me 18 days then they somehow said they sent one on May 30th for July 1st I emailed them four separate times of which they said they will send it and still I never got it they are liars they are thieves they're Crooks they shun responsibility they simply want your money and your property and they totally disregard any of your emails and will not even bother contacting you on top of this they also charge me a late fee even though I email them four times during a three week before my supposed 30 day notice they gave me which they never came through with it and final time the day after it was due they called me and said when you going to pay so they had the raised rent fee the late fee and I was late because they never sent me the proper notice so in the end they charged me my regular $63.00 fee plus and illegal and unannounced $11 hike to $74 plus when I asked him for the document to prove they gave me proper notice which they never sent three weeks later and I will pay $15 late fee because of their incompetence because they never sent me through proper legal documents of which now I am following suit and then when I decided just to pay it to get my property out they also decided to charge me $20 to pay my bill buy debit card not credit card over the phone so my bill went from $63 to $109 18 days they are going to be sued they're going to be fine people are going to be fired the stock is going to drop do not I repeat do not ever do business with this company they are completely the worst of the worst the Riff Raff the worst of the worst the Riff Raff of the Riff Raff they are completely disrespectful ignorance lacking any moral judgment lacking any customer care they are lacking codes for safety and it is a dangerous place to do business as well as being fraudulent, lying, incompetent, complete lacking of any moral integrity and completely bottom line fraudsters Liars robbers and take advantage of everyone not only the elderly everyone even the disabled as I am.

the very last time I spoke to them they said they were sending me a copy of that letter 20 minutes later I asked them where is it they said it's processing and that is a funny word for something you press a key on the keyboard to send or resend a copy of an email it does not take 20 minutes needless to say I never did receive it not that day at the following day never I'm currently going to file a lawsuit I have been in touch with the fiddle take mission in which day and the better Business Bureau and the State's Attorney's Office all agreed that they are fully investigating this company and is blatant disregard for laws safety Etc. do not take only my word for it Google it you'll see more complaints against this company than probably any other do not take only my word for it Google it you'll see more complaints against this company than probably any other company in American history.period.

and the district senior district manager of San Diego I would have to say is probably the worst employee encountered in a company I'm sure the CEO is no better matter fact they probably model after this *** buyer beware do not ever do business with Public Storage they will rip you off Google game the facts, after all we are stating facts not feeling. PaulyG

Update by user Jul 22, 2018

Right after this happened the next day instead of calling me with an apology they called me and threatened to evict me because they were afraid of their negligence and liability I told him if they did I would to them and they backed off and then the very next month they raise my rent with a legal notice they notified me on June 11th for a rate increase on July one by California state law it must be 30 days when I told him this they were speechless and then they said oh we mailed you one on May 30th as well I said why did not get it can you resend it to me they said okay they did not ever send it I sent them three more emails within the next week and a half of which they never ever responded I called and left messages as well as three emails to customer service and to corporate and every email possible in the corporate offices and they never got back to me and when they did get back to me they completely disregarded my questions Also illegally retaliated by not sending me that paperwork I told them I would give him the $63 I did the month before they would not take that they wanted the extra money I told her once I got that paperwork dated May 30th I would give them money they never gave it to me instead they raise my rent they charge me a late fee which was an additional $15 and then when I paid it by phone they charge me 20 more dollars just to pay it by a debit card, not a credit card a debit card which I have done before and never have been charged that so my rent went from $63 to $74 plus a $15 late fee because they're going, and hiding the LIE of never actually sending proper notice now it is $89 plus the $20 fee just to pay the bill which was basically 35% extra than the bill originally my bill went from $63 to a hundred and $9 and they had no remorse and they lied and they still to this day and not provided that paperwork I have contacted the consumer rights division on the federal level and they are investigating fully as I provided all information what they're doing is illegal and I fully intend to sue them in a court of law and go public lying illegal business practices and false imprisonment on their property there are simple fixes and they've let it happen over and over again and they lie over and over again and they seem employee questionable Associates with very shady characteristics and bowling techniques as well as very professional Liars. Therefore after the first incident of being locked on the property which is false imprisonment overnight with no onsite manager as they Proclaim in their ads with no emergency phone number after hours that worked as they Proclaim in their ads they then retaliated threatened to evict me when I threaten to sue the instead raise my rent did not send me proper notice knowing I would have to pay a late fee because I was waiting for it they charge me the late fee increase rent and the $20 fee to pay the other fees which were all illegal there are many state agencies now investigating on different levels and I have proof and shortly will add the on here after is all said and done if there is no resolve I am going public and going to file a lawsuit and Hope that many people would have been damaged 4 hurt by them as far as taking their property and family photos that cannot be replaced etcetera they are going to be sued as they were 2 years ago for over 5 million dollars in which they settled and still did not put any safeguards in place so it does not happen again because they are liars thieves and all about stealing money and strong-arming their customers I will follow up when the federal agencies complete the investigations and I will file a lawsuit and hope there are hundreds of people to join I think is only fair that everybody has been damaged and can document it and this brutal companies rain of illegal business practices not being up to code a public safety illegally forcefully keeping people on their property with total disregard and danger to their life's not being up to code for safety as well as many other illegal and subpar practices they profit off and bully and stmtrongarm innocent PAYING CUSTOMERS who are citizens of the United States and us have constitutional rights which they are stepping on like is a dirty enemies flag.

if anybody is considering printing from public storage, I implore you , do not willingly put yourself through the suffering and abuse you will receive those company the lies The Bullying the dangerous conditions a lack of any support or consideration I have sent over 10 emails and have not gotten one answer from them the only time they reply is when are you going to pay your rent and this is only after I sent all those emails and they wait until they put all these fees into effect and then they call me it is absolute Criminal. then they put illegal Clauses in their contract about that somebody cannot go out and tell the public about how horrible they are , they hide an illegal clause that if you have a problem with them and they act illegally or fiendishly or threatening that one cannot go and tell anybody about their illegal practices! Their time of bullying threatening stealing from people stealing people's heirlooms and sentimental belongings including disregarding family pictures that people have been saving for 50 years, just to steal more money , and at the same time , lying about people drawings and where they are and all one has to do is go on Google and type in public storage complaints you will be reading it for a year there are that many and they ARE scary! A federal judge needs to step in and shut this company down!

they must, at the very least be sued by everyone who's been damaged, and they must be fined by the state and federal government agencies poor there lack of code standards and dangerous conditions they knowingly have where people can get hurt severely as they have in the past and it can be fatal since people with medication will not be able to get out of the property and we have a seizure or any other medical emergency and simply Parish on their property. everyone always been damaged or her or stolen from must file to the state and federal agencies and join a joint lawsuit as well as a chance comes to go public so no one wants to rent from this horrible Nazi like attitude of "they cannot be touched"!

they talk down to you and almost laugh in your face when you threatened any loss who are to go to any government agency they think that no one is strong enough because of their cash flow and illegal gun games and pocket full of lawyers all of which go down with the ship together! do not give him a chance to do it to you your daughter's your son's your father's or mother's your grandfather's don't let someone lose their life as this has been going on for years it's time to put it to an end, Todqy!

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2018

There should be some regulation to fraudulent,,negligent, dangerous, ,Lying, deceptive. Standard to which they operate. No morals and their complete and utter incompetence is mind-boggling.

If you have been harmed by their deceptive practices, or were locked on the property for hours or overnight which is false imprisonmen.

They operate under false advertising lying locking on their property being rude putting blame on you when they are incompetent and liable raising rent under the legal limit which is 30 days notice retaliate if you make a complaint are completely incompetent from the people who work in the office to the customer service to the corporate people none of which can even write an email properly or make a phone call they do absolutely nothing and simply make money because they lie,steal, and monopolize and are negligent in their actions and are just deceptive and rude unprofessional and incompetent and lazy and steal money and use any legal loophole and their fee Law Department to shut people up but this time they're going down as we're going to file a lawsuit and make their stock drop massively.

I have contacted corporate and customer service 10 emails in the past month of which please email me twice and totally disregard what I said and just mentioned the rate increase LOL not very competent not very intelligent but greedy yes dumb yes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Unannounced and exorbitant rent increase, Office manager, Customer service and price at begining.

I didn't like: Unsafe, Unsecured, Deception, Immediate rent hike, Lack of empathy, Public storage, Locked on the property after they closed with no way out, No after-hours live emergency number.

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They are the worst! Public storage are liars and greedy as well as incompetent and negligent!

Paul Grasso

They are all of the above and then some I can't believe they have not been fined by the state or federal government

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