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That "Lovelace" character is a theif. I was notified regarding my lock not being on properly, ( which was a lie).

I was out of town at the time, due to my job. The last time I went to the unit was 04/22/18, however, I was' nt notified until 10 days later, which I found this to be veru peculiar, hence, after I checked the manager's job " responsibilities", which included, " frequent rounds of the units to ensure safety of all of the property". Well, if the lock was not on properly, how come did it take all those days to call to inform me of the potential loss of my property? If she had been doing all of her rounds, she would have told me earlier.

Mot lock was compromised, because they ( that witch and Lovelace), planned all of that. She told me to come and put the lock on right, I was in Virginia working on a contract for my job. I toldtje "B" that I couldnt leave right then, so she says , I need to send an email to the district manager, Lovelace to allow him to get permission to allow him to cut the lock and replace it. I sent the email and he didnt reply to it until 5-6 days later, meantime, my unit is'nt safe ( supposedly), I checked the lock twice before I left my unit,,, I am positive that I did, so I knew it was a lie.

Anyhow, he cut the lock and emailed that he put another lock on the unit. I finally returned to 45 Whitlock, Marietta, Ga,the address of the Public Storage,I got the new key for the unit from that wince.......... when I opened unit, it looked like a hurricane had hit it, obviously it was gambled through, boxes took apart and trampled, so many missing/stolen items, I really wanted to shoot that "b", it was so had for me to retain my sanity, I was livid, still am. The lock they cjt off was laying on the floor, cut all up,I guess, they thought I was pleased to see it was cut I wentto the office and ak her,wtf happened to my stuff, and why did it look like that.

That wince said the " I dont know what youre talking about", my friend had to restrain me at that point,, I wanted to kill her because she stole my belongings, and that district manager is due for a good *** whuppen..

smart mouth, rude, evil THIEF. Someone is going to get hurt, keep the antics up..if I was/her, I'd be looking for another job, you cant keep working there and think that either one of those two are safe doing people like that.

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