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Theft – Public Storage & Willis Insurance

The Turn a Blind Eye To Employee Theft

What you Need to Know before Your Rent a Storage Unit

Recently I rented a storage unit at Public Storage (location: 3659 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60609-1320. 773-247-8960) and purchased insurance. During the time I was unemployed and hospitalized and became behind on my account. During which time they removed my lock and replaced if with their lock to which all of their employees on site had access to. Long story short I caught my account up and paid ALL of the fees and my regular bill, only to discover over 10,000 of my property and mementoes had been stolen.

How do Public Storage employees get away with stealing your property and what can you do about it. The long story is to hold Public Storage accountable for securing the property you store with them and requiring Willis to present an insurance without a loophole for employee theft, which makes your policy null and void / or is not under your coverage.

Public Storage employees get away with theft because they know the insurance you purchase through Willis will only be covered if you can prove or state that it was forcible entry. And their policy reads “ Burglary: We will pay up to 100% of the Amount of Insurance for loss of Burglary. The term Burglary means the act of stealing by forcible entry into the storage space described in the Rental Agreement, and must be evidence by visible signs of forced entry. However, this coverage only applies when such storage space is securely locked at the time of the forcible entry, and does not apply to the lien enforcement procedures by the Owner. A missing lock, or the presence of a lock different than the lock placed on the storage space, is not sufficient, standing alone, to establish forcible entry. In the event of a burglary claim, you will bear the burden of proof to establish that a burglary occurred.

Public Storage also has you sign an “Insurance and Release of Liability Addendum to Lease/Rental Agreement” at the time you purchase insurance. “ . . . Owner and Owner’s Agents, affiliates, authorized representatives and employees (“Owner’s agents) will not be responsible for, and Occupant herby releases Owner and Owners Agents from responsibility for, any loss, liability, claim, expenses or damage to property that could have been insured (including without limitation any loss arising from the active or passive acts, omissions or negligence of Owner or Owner’s Agents) (the “released claims”).

In other words both Public Storage and Willis Insurance TURN A BLIND EYE TO EMPLOYEE THEFT. And take your insurance money knowing full well such a loophole exists. Also should you fall behind Public Storage will cancel your insurance. The Employees thus go into your unit by popping the lock (which they require you buy from them); using their replacement lock and go in and out of the unit as they wish making your insurance claim void because there is no sign of forcible entry as defined in the insurance policy.

Here what you can do, the short version:

• Seek alternative means of storing your property.

• Review all of your rental paper work in detail and revise as needed

• Move your property into another means of storage other than commercial storage

• Do Not sign the Insurance policy and Insurance and Release of Liability Addendum Lease / Rental Agreement as is. Write in your own line of denial of these terms and agreements.

• File a police report.

• Do file a complaint with the property manager.

• Do state the burglary was forcible entry and give evidence of forcible entry.

• Do obtain enough insurance to cover all of your belongings.

• Do replace their lock ASAP should they cut your lock.

• Do escalate the matter to senior staff at both Willis and Public Storage.

• Do share your story.

• Do file an insurance claim.

• Do leave a comment. And state if you would like follow up on signing a petition to stop this type of theft. I will follow up with you.

• Do sign the petition and reap something for your lost. Use your energy in a positive and productive way.

• Do use this information to rent wisely if you choose to rent a storage space.

• Do feel free to call and let Public Storage & Willis Insurance know what you think about theft at Public Storage. And when you do give them the reference to this complaint: PS1003. Do post your comments. Public Storage, 3659 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60609-1320, 773-247-1320). Willis Insurance, Inc., Willis Tower, 233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606, 877-878-6730.

• Do not allow Willis to collect your money and deny your claim!

• Do not allow Public Storage to excuse Employee Theft!

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Storage Unit.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I've had theft to take place at Bekins storage.Big time!!! Public storage, Safkeep storage,and now Nova storage.

It is the WORKERS that the stealing and rumbling through your personal goods. I think it's horrible the way customers are treated and taken advantage of!! Something has to be done!!! they are getting away with m.

If u had a class action case brought against them I'm sure u would have hundreds that have been victimized!!! IS THERE ANY PLACE SAFE KEEPING???


I left the post as well about being locked on the property and I'm overcharging me in retaliating by raising my rent the following month and lying about sending me a notice 30 days in advance and charging me late fees on top of it they are thieves they are liars they are negligent and they are incompetent and almost every single way they are the worst company America has ever produced they are also a monopoly since they buy it but most of all the storage units which makes it difficult to go anywhere else and they lie about the $1 initiation first month rent because you have to buy their lock and administration fees which I have to $45 so they lie about the $1 first month they lie about everything and when you have a legitimate complaint they just ignore you and don't return phone calls it is in saying that they are still in business and have not been closed by federal government or at least find millions of dollars for the damages they've caused. I am probably going to start a class action lawsuit you sound legitimate and you should talk to me I am renting from the San Diego California Public Storage on Pacific Highway they are, to put it nicely, greedy fools with no common courtesy or moral value.

Please contact me cuz I'm interested in starting a massive lawsuit and have read thousands of complaints online and email them about my complains which they never respond, because they absolutely no they are negligent and liable. They also charge me $20 to pay over the phone illegal rent increase and late fee because they never sent me a notice on top of that $20 to pay it by a debit card not a credit card so in total they charge me about 25% extra just to make the payment over the phone.

I contacted every state and federal agency and Federal Trade Commission which is the federal version of Consumer Protection Agency is going to investigate them because of the extra fees alone is it illegal it is too much to be charged as a convenience fee 5% is the maximum allowed without raising an eyebrow they charge to 25% on top of a lying fake rental increase with no notice due to my complain about being left on the property with no overnight management and no emergency phone number over that works as they advertise. Contact me it should be a federal lawsuit with all 50 States involved with everyone has been injured or damaged, with credible and legitimate complaints of wrongdoing by this monster that should be taught a lesson by the federal government on their illegal business practices.







same here. California area.

Its their managers that live on-site that are committing these burglaries. Behind locked gates, after hours. they sell you the unit under the premise that it is a "secured" location. yeah, only security is at the managers office only at the entry gate.

This is a company of straight thieves. Only reassurance i have is knowing full well how karma works. that comes back on them 10x fold. in the mean time i stand in front of their location where i was robbed holding my huge sign warning people that ps will burglarize their unit.

go somewhere else.

i stay there til the cops show up. then i leave, wait about 10-15 minutes and go back, the cops come, i leave again, and we do this all day.

to andrea #1568959

I have several issues with them which I have on pissed consumer it's hard being left on their property overnight and it illegal rent increases with not enough notice as well as being incompetent and lying and retaliating against my complaint to the state and federal government about leaving lock on their property which is false imprisonment and they still have not acknowledged it or returned any emails or phone calls even though I've made over 10 emails and a two month. If not 20 and several phone calls and they are aware of it they just won't discuss it they are insanely low class with no moral values contact me I have asked employee to contact me and told me that they know much about them and they are from the company who no longer work there it could be a massive lawsuit for damages and they should be fined in every state I am in San Diego and I rent from them at Pacific Highway in San Diego near Fiesta Island where are you located?

Make sure you make a complaint to the State's Attorney's office and the Better Business Bureau and the company itself and make sure you have any emails about what happened so you have electronic proof.

Contact me or like to discuss what happened with you as well as myself and get more people involved to put an end to their Reign of Terror. If karma is true this should be the beginning of their end.


Same I think with the entire storage industry they are all slimeballs thieves and liars. I just got "burglarized" at Great Value Storage in Kansas City over the weekend.

I'm a person that is very aware of my surroundings almost always and while moving my items in during the first two weeks only 3 people seen that there was a car in my unit 1. The guy in the unit two doors down- 2. The manager who did a double take while showing a (3) guy units. I really took notice of the double take the manager took as she went by while I was moving in.

Strangely enough when she called to inform me my unit was broken into she was no where to be found when I arrived and when listing the missing items on the inventory sheet she very surprisingly exclaimed "A CAR! ". I then said to her you should have known there was a car there because my door was left entirely open and the big gaping hole of empty space right in the front of my unit with a basketball sized oil spot on the floor and besides you seen the car the day you were showing that guy units that one day. She then looked me right in the eye and said she had only worked there a couple of weeks and hadn't rented me my unit or had never seen a car!

I chuckled because I have at least 2 different voicemails from her that were seven weeks old when I rented my unit from HER! She tried to pass it off saying that there was another black lady that worked there but guess what that lady is about 50 to 55 years old and thus manager is maybe 25 i think I would know the difference. While leaving I noticed her thug boyfriend peering out of the storage unit next to the office and he had just about the most hateful guilty look I've ever seen on anyone. The next day I came back with my claim paperwork only to find her missing the entire afternoon while leaving a note on the door that she was out on the property checking locks.

I waited over 3 hours and her and her boyfriend oil in about 15 minutes before quitting time. She refused to fill out GVS part of the paperwork or to give me the number or adjusters name for Securelease and refused to provide the Corp.

office number or the district or regional manager. Strictly a bunch of amateurs because I know the truth.


Add PS in Harbor City, CA to the list. I placed empty storage totes, moving blankets, and books into a 5 x 5 unit starting in December 2016.

I remember visiting the unit a couple months after move in and found a glass item that should have been packed laying out among the totes. I foolishly thought at that time that it was very strange but nothing to be concerned with. I regret that so painfully today. I went to my unit yesterday looking for a tote with things belonging to my deceased family members.

It took me only 15 minutes to go through everything and the items were no where to be found. I rushed home thinking maybe (praying) I had put them in my apartment. They were not. I returned 2 hours later with a friend to help me go back through everything as I was an emotional mess.

They are gone: a black travel case belonging to my grandfather, a brown travel case belonging to my grandmother with a small glass jewelry box containing costume pieces, and my father's original black medical bag. I have renters insurance, but these items have little to no monetary value.

I had planned on putting my dad's ashes into his medical bag, and I feel I have failed him. This loss is unbelievably painful, and I regret the day I ever put my things in their facility.


1516 Brittain Rd Akron Ohio, has had their location burgulized for the last 5mth.The manager who has only been there 6mth said no other unit had thief issue.As of last week 6 other unit in row C had item found in a unit in our row....


Rented a unit fell behind 2 months they stole my goods only giving me $83 after $100 deductible for goods worth $10,000 they are THIEVES


I can say without any shadow of a doubt, that its the management burglarizing the units. First they claim there is 24 hours a day surveillance (yeah, only at the gate) deceptive business practices, then they are selling insurance and you have to be licensed and trained to sell insurance, they sell you their janky lock because they know how easy it is to snip that thing off...when my unit was burglarized the manager called and left a message "it appears someone tampered with your lock" WHO SAYS THAT WHEN THERES A OBVIOUS BURGLARY?

from the gate she was down playing it. then she doesn't save the lock as evidence? it was apparent that whoever did do it knew full well they would not have to rush because they went thru almost every box and then put what they didn't want back in. one problem for them, they were so stupid they forgot to take their crowbar with them so the police now have it and are doing a dna test on it...

then the insurance they force on you only pays your claim if you can prove the items in your claim you had by way of receipts and photos... who does that? nobody. I know it was a female because they took female stuff like my new towels, new copper pots and pans, new comforter.

that is a girl move.. she couldn't take my clothes cause shes a beached whale, thank god.

non the less these thieves need to be caught. it is well documented that public storage are criminals.


Just happened to me today... So far my kitchen aid mixer which I left in plain view so I would notice it if missing and one of my sons bean bag chaira they just got for Chirstmas...

Call company and he said oh well of my was me ans one other person no one else in the unit .. But it prob not enough for a insurance claim...

I stayed wanna bet it was a 150 plus dollar mixer. If not found in unit soon I will file claims and police reports cause there is a huge problem here


Same thing happ. To me I went in there try and put things into my unit and the lock wouldn't open nor the door wouldn't open I went to go get a manager he walk with me to my unit tried helping me open my door and was unable to at that time he asked me to please leave him Mikey that he was going to have the door and door latch replaced I left him my only key I came back 3 days later the door was able to open and I discovered all 3 of my large screen TVs were stolen there was no evidence of any breaking they are the ones had my only key what a coincidence insurance company said they can't cover my loss due to mysterious disappearances I am outraged at public storage in Downey California please help with some advice


this happened to me!!! public storage on pocket rd in sacramento!!!

they stole my bass and amp after cutting my lock! they are ignoring it! and they neglected to list it on the manifest inventory of my unit to hide it!


don't use public storage!!!!

Citrus Heights, California, United States #1330929

I just got ripped off too. Public storage Citrus Heights ca.

Locks were intact. Lost my dj equipment and other items. I have 2 units with them. I don't trust trust them at all.

Insurance claim was denied. Pretty sure the lock was picked. I think it was an inside job.

I'm thinking class action law suit ???? Looks like we could have a case.

The insurance is a scam. Bad security.

I trusted them. I feel so violated...


same thing just happened to me.. my stuff was stolen out of my public storage storage unit. and all i get from corporate is that they are not liable.

Princeton, New Jersey, United States #1268122

My storage at Public storage in Philadelphia was stolen ,i tinkthat was inside job.


I know of a couple who are selling items out of storage units..how do I turn them in?

to Anonymous #1217504

Speaking as a recent victim of this kind of theft, I urge you to call the local police department, speak to the detective division, and tell them what you know. Thanks for being brave and stepping up to stand up against this crime.

You will help some other people who are in pain and suffering because of this kind of crime. Thanks!

Gardena, California, United States #1214436

Me and my fiancé had a unit in Wilmington, Ca, and it was a bill that my fiancé would pay. Little to my knowledge she had fell behind 3 months, and hey had cut the lock and replaced it with one of there's.

I had just so happened to go to the unit to grab something and found out I could not get into it. So I called my girl and she payed the $500+ bill and they said I needed to buy a new lock before they cut their lock off. So, I purchased a new lock and the guy drove me over to my space in his cart and cut their lock off. As he drove away I continued to open my storage door and as it rose up, ALL OF MY STUFF WAS MISSING.

4 dirt bikes all of my electronics and snowboards etc. Over 30 thousand dollars of my stuff. Come to find out, there was a inside nod of another 9 units, including mine, that the police had already had reports on. But there was only one camera in the entire place which was in the front gate.

Totally useless. Public storage is a joke.

I made a Police report and still haven't heard anything. Should have called lawyers but thought the police would've helped me.

Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #1209880

This just happened to me in Indianapolis, IN; I am in shock right now, trying to figure out what to do next. They are allowing someone to LIVE in one of the units!

I discovered this while moving out what was left of my belongings. Public Storage is absolutely the most disgusting company I have ever done business with. I was also unable to get my belongings due to a long illness, was threatened with auction, they removed my lock by cutting it with a grinder -- and did not tell me. I don't know where to begin.

Cops were no help. Told me this would not be criminal, but I would have to take civil action.

Inside job, with help from the police. How's that for secure storage while your life is vulnerable?

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