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I filed a water & rodent loss/damage claim against Public Storage. Their loss/damage claim representative is Hertz Claim Management.

After months of debates with Public Storage's On-Site Manager Edwina Pechardo & Hertz Claim Management's Supervisor Kevin Acree my case was sent to Hertz Claim Management for review and was promptly denied. The denial letter only made mention of the water damage. They claim that the water was run off standing water in a facility that doesn't have running water or water piping. Public Storage or it Agents didn't take under consideration the structural damage that allowed the run off water to enter their structure.

Nor did they consider the rodent damage portion of my claim. I was told that without pictures they couldn't consider the rodent damage. That is understandable, but Hertz denied my water damage claim without said pictures.

I have since forwarded copies of the picture showing damage and a Public Storage employee poking a stick through one of the many holes in the storage unit's foundation.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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These people should have to keep the property in good repair. I know that I cannot fix the buildings, only the owner can.

PS is self insured, they don't want to pay out for their mistakes.

Small Claims is not the answer, the companies belong to associations who will tell the oweers what to say. A class action suit may be the answer.

to former user #1611665

I'm on ban for a class action suit


the sad thing about storage facilities (as i've rented at a few) is the wording in the contract, i've never seen or read a public storage contract, but if it is like most facilities, somewhere in the contract and the wording may not be exactly the same, but it normally will state you store at your own risk and the company assumes no responsibility, which a person may or may not agree with, but the companies are out to protect themselves. but you say you have photos of an employee poking a stick through holes, if there is a history of complaint of rodent and water damage and nothing has been done to fix the situation, you may have to go through small claims court to settle the issue.

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