Hello, how are you doing? I really do appreciate you taking some of your time to sit down and read this review that I have posted. I am in a very bad situation right now and I really do need someone to help assist me, someone to lead me in the right direction of the proper steps and procedures I should take to go about a situation like this, and I need someone to give me some advice on how I can go about getting more information that I need in order to come to a conclusion on what has happened with a storage unit that was rented by my fiancé and I. I just cannot seem to understand as to what to do with the little bit of information they have given to me and the little bit of an insight of what I should do next.

Public Storage is absolutely no help whatsoever on what has happened and they seem as if they really could careless that our storage unit has been broken into by force and robbed for about $18,000 worth of valuable items so far. I am still creating a Property Loss Document for them with photos of all of the items that have been taken from our storage unit with receipts attached as well. I am in the middle of creating a very thorough and legitimate document for them to review and I am also in the middle of trying to figure out what my other options would be other than to file an insurance claim.

I am on here as we speak researching all types of different approaches I can take in order to get the best result from what has happened overall to our storage unit and honestly, what has happened to my very own piece of mind and the trust that I thought I could have with a business like Public Storage. I thought I could trust a place like that because they are however storing a lot of valuable items from a wide variety of people and I honestly thought from what they had told me and described to me from the gate that the storage facility was safe and secured and was on a 24/7 security surveillance, which all in all is a bold face lie.

I am not too sure what really has happened because I wasn't there when it had happened and they didn't contact me for a couple days after it had happened. When we finally received a voicemail stating what had happened, we immediately called them and the manager had informed us that our storage unit was in fact broken into by force. The manager had told us that she wasn't sure if anything was taken or not but for us to come in and take a look at what was basically left over from our storage unit being burglarized.

When my fiancé and I had arrived, you could indeed distinguish between whether or not our storage unit was burglarized or not. All of our items were absolutely everywhere, everything that was left was out of the bags and on the floor, the furniture that we had in there was moved all around and tossed over and everything in our storage unit looked like it was pretty much damaged or it look as if a tornado had went through the storage unit. My fiancé and I immediately realized that there was a lot of items missing and that we had a very serious problem on our hands.

The manager however didn't seem to care at all she actually acted as if she has saw this happen quite often, like it wasn't a big deal, like all of our missing items on his time and on her premises just didn't matter at all. I couldn't believe the type of response that we had received from the manager and the business alone, I am very discouraged and disgusted with what has happened.

The manager told us that she had filed a police report and that we had to go to the police station and get the police report. So my fiancé and I had went down the street and got the police report to realize that the police report seems to be almost blank. There was basically literally nothing on the police report that I just couldn't believe what was going on.

The police officer we had talked to told us that we had to call back when the officer was on duty in which we did. The police officer didn't answer. My fiancé and I have called everyday since we had found out what happened and we are on day five now and still no response from the police officer. We actually had went up to the police station but the police officer was off duty. We are waiting for too much and I don't understand why it just isn't a big deal to anyone but my fiancé and I.

The manager of the property for some odd reason wont allow my fiancé and I to view the video tapes to see if we could at least assist in helping them figure out how the storage unit was burglarized, who burglarized the storage unit, when was the storage unit burglarized, how many subjects were involved, etc. The manager did however tell my fiancé and I that there was one black male and one white male and that there was a vehicle involved but the vehicle was off of their camera and was seen on another businesses camera but we cannot view the video tape?

I am just very confused on what really is going on and why this has exactly happened to my fiancé and I let alone why our storage unit was the only storage unit targeted and burglarized. Also, whoever has burglarized our storage unit was definitely in the storage unit for hours because they literally went through everything and picked out what they wanted let alone had enough time to make at least 10 trips.

I am still in the process of creating a property loss document with full descriptions and photos and a property loss receipt document, which is almost done. However, I am already at $18,000 that has been stolen from us let alone did we have a lot of valuables that had the receipts in the boxes.

This has become such a disaster for us and the main reason as to why this has become such a disaster is because the manager of Public Storage and also the managers, manager of Public Storage have basically told me that there is nothing left that they can do and that we can basically go *** ourselves. The manager has told us that we need a warrant to see the video tape and that they cannot give us anymore information about what has happened and that we have to talk to the police officer about the rest of what has happened.

I am filing my own police report and I would highly suggest anyone who is ever a victim of burglary at any self storage facility let alone anywhere to file your own police report even if a police report as been filed. Also, the manager informed us that we have insurance on property loss, however the insurance we have will only cover up to $3,000. They are literally out of their mind.

They aren't properly secured and they surely don't give a *** about their customers or about anything else that happens other than collecting their money each month and jacking everyone's bills up EVERY MONTH.. Seriously, every single month my bill is higher and higher and they just don't give a ***. I am so confused over this all and I am honestly starting to think it may have been an "inside job" If anyone can help me or guide me through what I should do please let me know because I really need some guidance and advice right now because I am definitely not settling for $3,000.

I want every single penny that I lost back and I also want all of my months paid for if not a couple months paid for because the entire time I feel as if my storage unit has been targeted and that they were just waiting for the right time to do so. Please help me decide on what to do because I really need help and I don't want to do the wrong thing. I want the best result from this and I want the most I can get out of this because I feel highly violated and disrespected let alone do I feel like I am not safe in my own home.

I had my address inside of the storage unit and everything. I am pregnant and have two other children. I am seriously afraid for my life if someone is out to get me. That's another thing, I do not have any enemies so something is seriously wrong. They could have gave my information to someone, who knows but I really need some advice and fast!

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1) You should have carried renters' insurance in an amount adequate to cover potential total loss ; that would have solved just about everything. (2) You have no case against the facility if they exercised what would be deemed industry standard procedures having accepted your money and therefore creating a bailment.

You may have some chance of recovery if you can prove that they were unduly negligent or involved. Nothing ever built is burglar proof. (3) They won't show you the video because it's an open case and, although I don't like to say this, you and your fiancé are considered possible suspects or at least co-conspirators until the perpetrators are caught. (4) Did you thoroughly read the rental agreement prior to signing ?

(5) Change all of your personal contact information and discontinue use of any social media. (6) Notify credit card companies or other financial institutions about the possibility of identity theft and remain aware of all of your negotiable instruments or untoward happenings like notes stating "thanks for opening your new account at XYZ" (7) Repeat of number (1) but add that you should always make copies of important receipts and put them in a more secure situation ; a document sized safety deposit box in a bank vault is about $65 per year.


You are right to worry. My advice from my own experience is to immediately also file an "Affidavit of Identity Theft", not with the local police but with the feds.

You will need the local police report for this so go ahead and complete that first. The FTC takes the affidavit and the US Secret Service (surprise) does any investigating. This won't seem to help, but you can then go to your online credit report (mine is free from Credit Karma) and check if someone is opening credit card accts, bak accounts, etc in your name! If you had credit card data (numbers) or checking accts data (new or canceled checks) then call your bank immediately and have them give you new acct numbers and new credit cards.

Its all free! Lastly, get a pin if you don't have one for filing your taxes.

Some thieves try to file for you and get a refund using your data. Good luck.


Hello this is strangely similar to our story. I am interested in how things ended up in your case?

We're you compensated fairly? How much grief did you endure?

Any suggestions for someone getting ready to go through the exact same thing please let me know by email us kancerboo1990 at yahoo dot con. Please anyone with guidance will be greatly appreciated.

to Drew #1523814

Sorry just read my post and there is a correction. Me email is lancerboo1990 at yahoo dot com thanks again Drew


My storage facility was just robbed of everything, motorcycle, music gear etc about $20K worth of equipment as well and they don't care at all. "We are not responsible, call and file police report and call your insurance" was all they said.

After everything Ive read your screwed if you have stuff taken from your facility. Kiss it, thanks for the $150 bucks a month for 2 years, beat it.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PUBLIC STORAGE FOR ANY REASON.

THEY ARE NOT DILIGENT IN PROTECTING IT IN ANY WAY!!!!The best thing is we have it all on camera, motion detector turned on our camera and got the whole thing stored safely with our security company. Police will be getting copy with our report!!


your case sounds exactly like mine I'm still trying to get a copy the police report I filed online over a year ago before I can send my stuff in I was only covered for $3,000 also and more than that was taken the onsite manager did the same thing to me and now she is no longer there I don't know what to do is there a statue of limitation on how long you have to file a claim I hope not


I just had the same situation happen to me . They called 16 days after my unit had been totally emptied out ..

metal shelf units I had in them and all .

They saw it and assumed after 10 yrs of paying climate controlled large unit prices I moved out truckloads of my property over night .40-50k of contents .Very sad. personal info stolen too .


I went to California and stayed for a few months and have used a storage building to keep the majority of my prized possessions safe. Today before going on a hiking trip I stopped to pick up a couple of items from my storage building only to find out that the lock have been changed.

After communicating with the storage company owner and him cutting the lock off I found that I had been robbed.

the truly heartbreaking fact of this violation was that not only did they steal every single piece of my backpacking equipment which was quite extensive.

but that they had also stole the armor suit that I hand-crafted in my 20s. As well as a tupperware container filled with family photos of my grandparents that have been dead for over 20 years and other priceless items that were completely invaluable to anyone but me.

after filing a report with the local sheriff's department I found that the storage companies 24-hour surveillance equipment had been upgraded and was inactive for a period of over a week and everything before the upgrade was completely lost so therefore they had zero footage from the time period.

this particular storage company has signage posted all over the property that states 24 hour surveillance and on duty guard. after further communication with the ownership I was told that there was nothing at all that they could do to assist in retrieving my property. I believe that this is a clear case of negligence on their part and I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to recoup my property or receive damages from these priceless family heirlooms.

I'm completely heartbroken by the loss of this point in my history that can never be regained. I'm going to post a photo of the armor suit in my comments with sincere hopes that someone sees it in their travels and can point me in the right direction to bring these thieves to Justice.

to Brian #1499142

My god so sorry that I just found out my unit got robbed yesterday so heart broken don't know what too do

to David #1563053

My unit was robbed also. Someone had got into the unit next to mine and punched *** through the wall and took out tubs and tubs of my stuff.

I asked to view video footage and I was not allowed to view it. The storage facility also cleaned up everything before I got there and didn't take photos of all my stuff broken and scattered everywhere... but cleaned it up and fixed the wall then took photos.

Its unreal! The police said they should never had cleaned anything up before I was called and should have at least taken photos of the scene as they originally found it.


Do not do not give this Public Storage business your business!!!

Thanks a lot, this really is a truly awsome article! I also can be helpful here :) If you ever need to fill out a form, here is http://goo.gl/zJCSBh a really useful tool. Very easy to navigate and use.
to Elba Patti #1413396

What is this form for?

Alameda, California, United States #994206

I have a unit at Public Storage in California and 2 nights ago, shortly before closing hours, I went to my unit to get some things and there were 2 men burglarizing my unit. As I walked into the building, I noticed the roll up door was rolled up and I looked again and it was my unit that was wide open.

I yelled out that my unit was open and a man walks out with a bag of mine in his hands. He ran out the front of the building and exited the property. As he ran away, a 2nd male burglar came out of my unit. I screamed for my boyfriend to come and that there were people in my unit.

He rushed over and began yelling at the guy, grabbed him and shook him up a bit. Then he let go of him after I yelled that there had been another guy there. My boyfriend and I didn't know at that time he had already left the property and so he went looking for the guy in my building. The 2nd man then decided to run to his car which was parked inside the gates of the storage facility, right next to my car.

Every person entering and exiting the property must use an individual code to get through the gates so I ran to the gate key pad and by this time was on the phone with 911. The guy was in his car planning on leaving and I blocked the key pad and shouted to him that I was on the phone with the police & that he wasn't going to be getting out the gates and past me. He puts his car in reverse and backs up to the spot he had been parked in (not even in a designated parking spot, rather, backed in up against a hedge near the trash container area), shuts off the car, takes his keys, hops the fence and runs, leaving his car there. The sheriffs arrive and upon their search of the vehicle, they discover a bunch of burglary tools and stolen property including iPads, cell phones, gps devices and more.

The burglars did not cut my lock. They used some sort of cutter to cut a hole in the sliding latch that the disk lock goes through and they ripped my disk lock out of the latch.

the gate code the burglars used to gain entry into the facility was their friends code who had a unit in the same building I was in. This man whose code they were using had another storage unit at the other PS facility across town and the same thing happened there! He had recently been involved in burglarizing units and kicked out of the facility.

To top it off, the burglar who left his car inside the gates when he fled, wrote a note and left it on the door of the managers place saying something to the effect of "My name is ----- and my car was left inside the gates last night. Please call me at this number ----." Before she got the note in the morning, the burglar had one or 2 of his friends come onto the property with the garbage truck man, who let the guys follow him in, and picked up the burglars car for him. The manager of the facility thought disabling the gate code these men had been using would be enough.

There are more details that I haven't shared here.

I am furious with PS and don't know what to do. This just happened on 6/9/2015.

to Anonymous #1167108

the almost same thing just happened to me. my whole trailer with all my stuff got towed away. it had 3 locks on and someone managed to get in and out with an access code.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1247821

please shoot me a text, id love to speak with you, we are haveing the same issue


to Marc #1413398

Is this for a class action law suit ?

I just came back from a trip.

I was gone all of December and went to my storage unit to pick up my computer and hard drives only to discover my unit was broken into. There was dry wall plaster all over my posessions and boxes cut open. The staff did not even care. I called police and filed a report.

I am in Los Angeles. Help!


Hi There, we have come across several cases of burglary that stems from PS' negligence. We are forming a class action suit at a federal court.

Could you please let me know the location of the burglary and what happened since your wrote this review.


please contact: publicstorage.unethical@gmail.com

to Anonymous Alameda, California, United States #994207

Hi Tom,

I will repost my story here and will also email it to the address above along with the facility location.

Thank you for the info.

to Anonymous #1407899

Please contact me the exact same theft happened here in Hickory NC lock cutting and all.

I want in on this court case.

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