Update by user Jun 27, 2018

******* Update 6/27/18 ******* I have finally gotten my things out of storage. I found a company that specializes in vermin removal.

I paid an additional $300 to hire the specialist. The company was able to remove all of my belongings, take them back to their warehouse, get rid of any trace of vermin evidence and sanitize everything. They washed all the linen that was tainted, disposed of the damaged items, cleaned the surfaces of the plastic bins and re-boxed the items that no longer had one. I am very happy to report that my loss was not nearly as great as originally appeared, due in large part to the fact that my belongings were primarily stored in plastic bins.

When I met up with the specialist so he could inspect my Public Storage unit and give me an estimated price for the job, the storage manager on duty jammed the wrong key into my lock. This resulted in not only wasting my contractor and I's time and gas we had to wait for the district managers schedule to free up so that she could come cut the lock off on top of the added expense of purchasing another lock. Because of this we were given the district managers phone number. The specialist I hired was in touch with me often, giving me updates on the condition to the interior and structure of the unit at Public Storage.

He notified me that the area where the vermin were coming in was something the property manager, if inspecting the property, would have noticed. He also stated that the "fix" for the issue was rather simple. My contractor tried to get in touch with the district manager to let her know that there were many areas that were vulnerable to additional property losses for other unity at the Public Storage facility. His calls went unanswered with no response to his messages.

I have added additional photos that were taken the day my belongings were removed from my Public Storage unit. These photos should bring embarrassment to any Public Storage employee.

The blatant disregard of property stored in a facility such as this, in my opinion, is negligence to the extreme and an unforgivable business practice. I will continue to warn anyone I know or who I hear speaking about any Storage Facility.

Update by user May 17, 2018

I have not paid this months storage fee. I've been trying to figure out what to do.

I've contact a few extermination companies and they say that because Public Storage is not on my personal property and it is owned by a corporation they would be unable to do anything. I've been told that I can While doing so, I've received a phone message from my Public Storage facility manager. The message he left stated "there's an Urgent matter in regard to your unit, please call me as soon as possible". Now I know, before I call, that this "urgent matter" is the fact that I have not given them any money this month but I decide to call the Public Storage manager back to check on this "Urgent Matter".

He verifies my suspicion that all they are concerned with is my money. So I ask, "Why wasn't the fact that I notified you about vermin living in my storage unit an "urgent matter". He says that the phone message he left is a script sent by corporate that he has to follow when people have unpaid bills. I asked why he had no response the day I notified him about the vermin infestation and he responded "I think I remember that day, didn't I give you the paperwork to call the insurance company".

When I asked why they don't notify (warn) their customers about storing more than $150 worth of items in a unit or offer more insurance coverage he referenced the fact that he is just a property manager and that I needed to talk to the Public Storage insurance company.

Talk about passing the buck. The more I learn, the more disgusted by this whole industry I become.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2018

I've been at the same Public Storage facility for 7 years. I recently bought a house so it was time to get my things out of storage. I hired a moving company specifically to get my items out of Public Storage. I met the movers at the property location and we headed back to my unit. When we opened the door there were *** and urine stains covering my belongings, it was everywhere. The movers began to take things out but soon began coughing and one of the men almost almost threw up. At this point we all stepped outside to get some fresh air. While we were there the movers called their supervisor. They were told to stop immediately, that my unit was a health hazard and they would not be able to proceed.

I was mortified. I contacted the Public Storage locations front desk and the gentleman was absolutely awful. There was no shock in his voice nor was there any sympathy. His only response was to hand me a form with the information to file a claim.

In order to file a claim I must take the following steps.

1. Get into the unit and sort out the damaged items.

2. Take photos and notes of the damage.

3. Assess the value of the items and submit that to the Public Storage insurance company.

If my claim is approved the most i will get is $250, but there is a $100 deductible! All I could possibly recover is $150 for my personal possessions.

The contract is written in such a way that Public Storage has zero responsibility for ensuring the safety and well being of anyone's personal property. So I've been paying $100+ dollars for the last 7 years for nothing. I may as well have left my things on the street, maybe some of it would have found a new home and I could have saved $8,500+ dollars. All that money just wasted.

Now my decision is do I risk my, already poor, health on going into the unit and seeing what can be salvaged or just let it go and leave them to deal with the mess. I have no idea how a business as widespread and well known as Public Storage could be so callous with the items people trust them to store.

I will never use a Public Storage facility again. I will also make sure my friends, family and as many people as I can reach know how I've been treated and the genuine negligence of Public Storage and their business practices.

I see no other alternative than to share my story with others on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Hopefully, I can save some people the heartache of seeing their property ruined.

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Self-storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Negligence .

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Public Storage Cons: Lack of empathy, No protection, Genuine negligence, Paying for my property to get destroyed.

Store Location: 16415 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, USA

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Anytime you have things in storage, you should keep things organized and preserved and not forget about your things and go back a year later, that is considered negligent in a consumer part. You must keep your things in containers and plastic and make sure you have mouse traps and dust your items every so often.

Don't store any food that rats or mice can open and eat.Things don't stay clean on its own.

The consumer must keep things clean and organized. Not just neglect their items in storage and expect that the storage facility is responsible for the consumers actions.


Checking on the storage one year later and not keeping the storage preserved and clean is negligence on the consumer part not the storage facility.


The storage facility I was paying for was supposed to be climate controlled. That means I was paying an additional fee to keep my things in a better environment.

90% of the items I had stored were in plastic bins but if you know anything about vermin they will eat anything and everything. I wrote this review to inform others of the horrible business practices of Public Storage.

It would have been great if I could have checked on my storage more often but that was not possible at the time. I hope this never happens to anyone else.


Renters have a reasonable expectation that the facilities are clean, secure and rodent free!


Your house needs to repair as soon as possible.


This is a review of Public Storage.


This is in reference to damage to personal possessions sustained while being stored at a Public Storage facility, not a house.


That's disgusting!


On the consumers part


You claim $5000 damage. May I inquire as to the cost of storage of $5000 worth (7 years ago) of items for 84 months ?

At $60 per month, you paid more than the stuff was worth when you put it away just to store it. Who does that ? Do you not understand that vermin is everywhere at all times ? Were your possessions wrapped and boxed securely ?

Insurance is often carried by people with possessions ; do you have it ? As for withholding payment, you will lose despite the damage claim and cause yourself even more grief.Either you must pay or leave.

Aissatou S

Deplorable. Do not risk your health.

If several able-body moving men were told it is a health hazard, it is a health hazard to you particularly since you indicate you are not in the best of health. If all you can recover is $150.00, is it worth the additional hassle, not to mention the disgust at the valuables you will see which are urine-stained and smelling? Walk away and let them deal with the removal unless it will cost you more to do so. You might want to reread the contract to see if by doing so it will cost you or be seen on Storage Wars some future season and you can then laugh because you know what was bid on and won is not worth what the winner thinks.

The memories attached are now stained. If you can possibly find anything as a memento, then, by all means, put on a mask and find it, otherwise, leave the rest alone and let the storage facility deal with it. As awful as this may read, you have a new home now, it will be furnished in time with new furniture and new memories.

As difficult as it may seem, you are being directed to not put old stuff in a new life/existence. Best of wishes to you.

Jamie C
@Aissatou S

Thank you for your kind words, it's just such a hard decision. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

The $150 "insurance" is just a slap in the face.

I really am just horrified.Again, Thank you so much for your thoughts. It helps to hear someone let me know I'm not crazy for feeling this way.

@Jamie C

You really need to understand that you have a problem with keeping your things protected and it is your own fault and maybe you need professional help.


You really need to understand that they have an obligation to provide safe, secure, rodent free environment and failed to do so. Why is it you have no problem telling renters they're responsible but won't hold a large corporation responsible? That's rhetorical so don't bother answering because your obviously biased on behalf of corporations who could care less about the customer and get away with anything and everything.

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