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I have been a Public Storage Customer since (9//24/2009 My storage unit had the Lock busted on it 3 times and the rate has gone up from 76 dollars a month to now, 93 dollars a month.The place can not provide security but only a camera which, after your unit has already been broken into and items stolen does me absolutely no good. I can not get items back.but, still I am paying 93 dollars a month for an unsecured unit.

I had suggested to get a watch dog to alarm the person living on the premises, I was told they don`t work that way. it is outrageous price to pay for an 8 by 10 unit that can not be secured.I now live in NH for the moment and was told to fly down, check my unit out to see what was stolen. I do not have that kind of money to fly down and check the unit out and, I have to worry about my life time possessions while it stays in the Unit.

it is high way robbery they charge you such outrageous price for a unsecured small unit.I am not Happy with Public Storage and I hope people will do their research before renting from Public Storage.These past yrs have been a nightmare having my stuff in their Unit. Located at 15889 San Pedro Ave in San Antonio, TX One Pissed off Customer.

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In our opinion, the company should secure, file a police report, and inventory the space. Next they need to notify you of the police report number, the officer assigned, and other legally needed information.

Next, they need to cut your rent no matter what the contract says. We believe that you now need to notify the police department in that town of the theft, what and what not the company has done, and send an authorization for the police to proceed with an investigation. Notify the main company office immediately, by certified mail, of the situation and also that you have notified the police. Demand a reudation of rent stating that you do not even know if anything is still left in the unit and have no lock &/or key attached to obtain access.

Do not be afraid of these guys telling you to move out, tell them that your rented unit is now a crime scene and the police will need to have proper access to begin an investigation. Again, police first notification, main company office second notice, then you may wish to hire legal help.

Take three days to do this. Good luck!

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