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Iris Drive there approximately 10 of 9 went to my storage by the time I left it was approximately 10 p.m. shortly after my gate code and would not work I kept trying it it said error after a few more times you said call office I called the office there was no one in the office doors are locked and my code would not let me out I look up emergency after hour phone numbers and none of which actually for work.

I looked online and read it thousands of complaints about the company and several which the same exact thing happened in people having medical emergencies requiring ambulance and got stuck for at least 8 to 10 hours I was talking had no way out and tried every number possible tried calling other storage places which did not answer or wear no but he there it is advertised they have a 24 hour on duty Garden manager they do not.

They lie is come and go as they please I know if they are very skilled at smoking cigarettes receiving money and threatening you if you are a day late or make them work.

I left a message after being stuck several hours therefore not being able to pick up my date that I was very angry there was no emergency number the emergency release for the date that is built into it had been fixed by the company is to not have the release lever in there so people cannot get out forcing you to stay there. It is false imprisonment and negligent and people can be very badly injured and it is a simple solution to have a person there or have a phone number God forbid something does happen and someone dies I am looking for other people is it possible lawsuit for false imprisonment being locked in there if you have a similar experience please share with everybody so a company gets fined by the local government, the next day they threatenedme with eviction for calling them a problem and a possible liability then no one catch the ground before they leave no one is there when they're supposed to be after hours and it creates a very dangerous situation I am filing a lawsuit I cannot reach the corporate offices at all they do not return the letters and I will make my payment of which they added more money and have acted differently more angry and uncomfortable for me after I complain about that they need to be regulated and fined for safety issues.

Look online and read file a complaint you will not do business with a company that gets more complaints than good reviews and the only good reviews are by employees friends, the place is a sham it is purely for profit with no money put back into safety or security for the place my lock in my shake have been open with his screwdriver in 5 minutes or less I have pictures of the unit the lock and the unit trying to get out of without the lever they're showing proof they are scary as a business downright Criminal and dangerous do not use these people at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Public Storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yes they are definitely only concerned with making as much money as they can, ended many issues regarding negligence and liability especially with false imprisonment and having no way out for people who get stuck there overnight. Raising the rent without notice is an issue and should be regulated by the state there are many complaints which would be great lawsuit this one especially I would hope you follow through because you have a lawsuit just based on being stuck in there and if fraudulent claims of the emergency numbers and on-site managers and undo stress and damages caused to you by their negligence


They are absolutely committing fraud and deceptive advertising, and fast as well bye raising race with no notification within a couple of months of moving in the state needs to make rules regarding this just like renting an apartment they cannot raise rent within the first year every year when they we knew it it is different but to move in in too much later to be raised rent or to be locked on the property that is horrible me should be sued on a large level and be fined for their negligence in deceptive business practices

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